About us

What is ShipHub?

ShipHub is a platform that allows you to reduce transport costs. The rates of transport are constantly changing. By using ShipHub and completing the form once, you will receive offers prepared individually for you from proven shipping companies.

Who creates ShipHub?

ShipHub is a portal run by ExamineChina.com experts. We have been helping importers to verify Chinese contractors for many years. After years of work and hundreds of conversations held, it became clear that transport is one of the most frustrating problems when importing from China. Big differences in the offers of freight forwarders, frequent rate changes as well as unclear contracts and regulations are common problems that companies using transport services complain about. We decided to meet your needs and facilitate the search for a suitable forwarding company. The transport price comparison website was created specifically so that you can save time spent on searching. We also encourage you to visit our website ExamineChina.com to verify Chinese contractors.