Anuga trade fair

Attending trade fairs is one of the best methods to look for new ideas or promote your product. It is important for people in the industry to realize how essential trade fairs are and their impact on each industry. If you are interested in food products and food suppliers, consider participating in an Anuga trade fair. As it is one of the biggest events in the food industry, we would like to show you what Anuga is about.

Anuga trade fair

The main goal of the Anuga event is to gather food companies from all over the world in one place and create a platform for them to cooperate. The trade fair takes place every two years in an exhibition center, Koelnmesse, located in Cologne – Germany, and overall attracts thousands of visitors. Importers, manufacturers, and wholesalers present food and beverages to visitors and new technology in catering, trade, or services for food retail and gastronomy. What is more, exhibitors, importers and professionals can take part in the fair show as visitors. It is a great opportunity to meet new people in your industry and gain new customers or business partners.

Anuga trade fair fairground

Anuga trade fair – Food themes

Anuga hosts corporations associated with many categories of food, where each one of them has a different stall and presents various products. Below we would like to introduce you to product segments presented at Anuga:

  • Fine Food
  • Drinks
  • Chilled & Fresh Food
  • Meat
  • Frozen Food
  • Dairy
  • Bread & Bakery
  • Hot Beverages
  • Organic
  • Culinary Concepts.

Additionally, Anuga provides us with various food mega-trends, including alternative meat proteins, plant-based protein products, clean label products, free form sugar, healthy food, or special food of different cultures like kosher or halal products.

Anuga food tradeshow

How to register for the Anuga trade fair?

The application for an exhibitor is easy as it can be. All you need to do is visit Anuga’s official website and choose “For exhibitors → Become an exhibitor” from the menu panel. There you can find the application form and general conditions of participation.

Anuga trade how to exhibit

If you want to visit the event as a visitor, you need to choose “Trade Fair → Tickets” from the menu panel. Tickets are usually available three months before the event, so you better be ready for the next fair in advance!

Anuga how to register

Is it worth taking part in the trade show?

Anuga trade fair is known for its top-quality events as it’s the only event where you can meet the world’s leading food companies from over 100 countries. The trade fair attracted 169,653 trade visitors from 201 countries. What brings people there are the latest trends in the food industry and innovative ideas to improve business in the food sector. Moreover, the Anuga trade fair is the oldest event in the food industry (in 2019, it turned 100). It proves that thousands of people put their trust in the event for years and made it grow. It also indicates that the Anuga trade fair is the most profitable event in the industry because of its long history.

As mentioned earlier, Anuga provides various food themes and categories, where everyone can find something for themselves. Taking part in the event is beneficial not only for exhibitors as they can show their products to the whole industry but also for visitors who are new to the business and are looking for inspiration.

Below we would like to show you a few pictures from the edition held in 2021:

Anuga event
Anuga trade fair

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