Palletization of goods

The palletization of products means arranging goods on pallets to improve and also facilitate later shipment. Laying goods on a pallet usually takes place in a specific order.

What is the palletization of goods?

The palletization of goods consists in arranging the retail products on pallets in a specific way. More and more often, we can meet with the use of robots in this field. The robotic process very often runs on production lines. The use of industrial robots is mostly justified, due to the repetitiveness of activities and the weight and shape of the elements that need to be moved.

The palletization of goods is a process that complements the logistics of products and their complete preparation for storage and further distribution.

Using robots to palletize goods is becoming more and more common.

Types of palletizing

There are many types of palletizing. Many companies offer to palletize for the majority of used product packaging such as boxes and cartons, trays and wrappers, barrels, glass single bottles, cans, bags, and also other unit goods.

One of the more common goods that are palletized is cartons and boxes. The multitude of ways of arranging goods on the pallet and the speed of products flow in the warehouse forces the automation and mechanization of these activities.

Many companies also offer additional services during the palletization of goods. When performing various warehouse operations, we can close cartons, label them, weigh them, or foil them.

The palette of bags is also popular.

Benefits of palletizing goods

Robotization of loading stations also brings many benefits. First of all, the robots provide repeatability of movements, improve the quality of packaging, and ensure the correct shape of the pallet. Also, they increase the efficiency of palletizing and packaging of goods.

Thanks to robotization, we can reduce storage costs. The use of robots during the palletization of goods also guarantees cleanliness during packaging of food and pharmaceutical goods. Also, while using palletizing robots, there is less risk to workers’ health and greater work ergonomics.

Another advantage of automating palletizing is:

  • High efficiency and quality of packaging at low operating costs
  • Automatic handing over of empty pallets
  • High durability of the product after packaging and reliability during operation
  • The operator can fully control the operation
  • A wide range of work parameters
  • The ability to redirect the processing capacity of employees to other tasks

Palletizers and depalletizers

When automating the palletizing process, machines such as palletizers and depalletizers become more and more popular. They are multi-tasking machines that can handle up to several production lines at the same time.

A palletizer is an automatically controlled machine used for forming or stacking group packaging or other containers.

The depalletizer is used for demolding pallet load units from both group packaging as well as from rigid containers with a defined content.

Finding the right company that deals with the palletization of goods can also greatly facilitate the work of the importer and exporter. There are more and more of them on the market, so the choice is really big.

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