Rail freight to Turkey from China

rail freight to turkey

Turkey is a strategically located country that serves as a critical point between Asia and Europe. It has raised interest in those establishing railway links, bringing together China and European countries. Turkey has been recognized as a significant player in the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). As a result, there are more and more rail …

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Chinese shipyards slash prices on new ships

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While the rest of the world maintains coronavirus-related restrictions, China is gradually lifting them. Many factories have already resumed work, hoping to return to the pre-pandemic production level. Chinese shipyards especially find themselves in a difficult situation. To attract more orders, Chinese shipyards are slashing prices on new ships. Chinese shipyards slash prices on new …

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COVID-19 reduces Chinese ports charges

Although the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China has somehow slowed down, it still has severely disrupted the global supply chain and immensely impacted the Chinese economy. Some of the problems remained. It has been reported that in order to promote the work resumption of logistics firms, China will lower the service charges of ports. …

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Coronavirus and its effect


The coronavirus, which has prevailed in China since the end of January 2020, is increasingly stigmatizing the Chinese and global economy. The whole world is living on reports of the spread of the epidemic and is predicting the effects on the economy. Over the past month, the Chinese economy has frozen. It disappeared with its …

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