AEO – What is it?


Authorized Economics Operator, or AEO for short, is a concept in business language that can be specified as an authorized entrepreneur or trusted entrepreneur. The AEO status makes it easier for entrepreneurs to go through customs procedures. A permit issued in one of the European Union countries is recognized in all EU member states. Other …

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CSC – What is it?


Before imported goods can reach their final destination, they need to pass through a few stop-off points. One of them will most likely be a container terminal where the freight will go through all necessary procedures and eventually be brought on board. This whole process is not free of charge, and that is where CSC …

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First Chinese autonomous containership under construction

Zhi Fei – Flying Wisdom – is the name of the first autonomous containership being constructed in China. The construction was launched with a steel cutting ceremony held in mid-May at the Qingdao Shipyard. First Chinese autonomous containership under construction Autonomous container ships (MASS) are seaborne vessels that transport cargo with little or no human …

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New air cargo service between China and Europe

new air cargo service

On the 8th of May, an air freighter carrying over nine metric tons of medical supplies took off from Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. The following day it arrived at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Thus, a regular air freight service has commenced between the province and European countries. Check …

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What is a commercial invoice?

International trade requires filling out many, sometimes quite complicated paperwork. Various documents are required for customs clearance alone. The commercial invoice is one of them. An importer must ensure that the sender issues this type of invoice. Customs cannot clear imported goods without the commercial invoice. Commercial Invoice (CI) A commercial invoice, CI for short, …

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