Trade Fair TransLogistica Poland 2019

TransLogistica Poland is the largest logistics fair in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. It is an event designed for the transportation and logistics industry, as well as for people involved in production and distribution. We visited this year’s edition of TransLogistica Poland 2019, which took place from the 5th to the 7th of November in Warsaw.

TransLogistica Poland 2019

Compared to the previous edition of 2018, the fair was even more popular. Many international companies from China, Germany, and France attended the event. The exhibitors represented products and services from such sectors as freight forwarding and warehousing, intermodal and multimodal transport, freight exchanges, freight and vehicle exchanges, and many others. Among the visitors, there were people using logistics services, carriers, logistics operators, forwarders, courier companies as well as logistics centers. This year, the largest number of companies represented road forwarding.

On the TransLogistica was also a job fair. We encourage you to visit the next edition, not only because of the opportunity to gain customers or observe new trends but also because it is a great opportunity for people looking for work in the logistics industry.

TransLogistica Poland 2019 in Warsaw

TransLogistica Poland 2019 – Innovations

The fair was accompanied by numerous discussions on issues related to ecology. What is more, there were conferences, during which companies presented innovative solutions in transport. Furthermore, TransLogistica supports and promotes progress and revolutionary ideas in the transportation & logistics industry. This year companies presented innovations among others:

  • Forklift with special construction, thanks to which it is possible to load both the goods and the forklift into a delivery truck. Models allow loading a pallet weighing up to 1000 kg (car threshold at the height of up to 85 cm) and 800 kg (car threshold at the height of up to 110 cm)
  • KT4 communicator for phones and tablets with the Android system, which enables constant communication between the forwarder and the driver, regardless of the place of stay. In addition, the application allows for constant control of a given order. Without a GPS installation, the location of the vehicle can be available to the contractor
  • ProGlove which integrates a barcode scanner. Scanner added to the back of the hand for hands-free scanning. It allows for more efficient document management thanks to non-contact scanning articles.
Trade sjhow
TransLogistica Poland 2019 conference
Transport and logistics fair in Warsaw

ShipHub was very well received by both Polish and international companies on TransLogistica Poland. After the fair, the number of companies that became new partners of the platform increased. Therefore, if you represent a company from the transportation and logistics industry, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

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