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ShipHub allows you to quote freight rates from many freight forwarders in one place. Save time and check how much your shipment is going to cost you. Compare sea, rail and air freight.

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How does it work?

ShipHub is a platform that allows you to reduce transport costs. The rates of transport are constantly changing. By using ShipHub, and completing the form once, you will receive offers prepared individually for you by verified shipping companies.

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Send Inquiry

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Why ShipHub?

Compare air, ocean and rail freight quotes

Fill in one form, get freight quotes within minutes

Manage your shipments on your desktop or smartphone

Only trusted forwarders, verified as ShipHub partners

Avoid high prices and problems with your cargo

Save time and money on your international trade

Transparency, see all the quotes before choosing the right one

ShipHub is built for the Belt and Road Initiative

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any commission charged?

No, ShipHub is free for users, we don’t charge any commissions, although there is a subscription fee for freight forwarders.

Is ShipHub processing any payments?

No, we are only connecting clients with freight forwarders.

How many potential offers will I receive on the platform?

The number of offers depends on interest from our partners.

Is ShipHub owned by any freight company?

No, ShipHub is a privately held company. We are not directly a freight forwarding company, neither are associated with any freight forwarding company. ShipHub is a matchmaking platform.

Will I receive any automatic quotes?

Every inquiry is crafted by our partners so that users can choose the most beneficial one.

How does the rating work?

After choosing the offer, the user can rate the transaction.

Can I use ShipHub as a private person?

No, ShipHub is a dedicated B2B platform. We are currently not allowing private shipments. 

Does ShipHub service work on smartphones?

Yes, you can use ShipHub on both your computer and mobile devices.

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