cma cgm

CMA CGM is an abbreviation of Compagnie Maritime d”Affrètement. This French company is transporting and shipping containers around the world. The transport group is one of the nine largest ship owners who control 87% of the global fleet. It ranks 4, after Maersk Line, MSC, and COSCO, in the general classification. The company discussed in …

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EUR 1 document

The situation in the international market is continuously changing. In connection with the creation of regional free trade areas, the rules of origin of goods have acquired particular significance. Therefore, the EUR 1 Document plays an important role in international commercial transactions. It confirms the origin of the products, and in special circumstances (embargo or …

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Port of Shanghai

Sea transport is one of the most important forms of transport in the modern world. In this matter, ports play a significant role. The port of Shanghai is located near the city of Shanghai and includes a deep seaport and a river port. This port has also become the busiest port in the world. Besides, …

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What is a supplier audit?

The current economy is based mainly on the mutual competition of enterprises from around the world. When choosing employees, companies try to find the best supplier that meets all requirements. To objectively compare potential partners, it is worth using an objective source. Such information may be provided primarily by an appropriate supplier audit. Supplier audit …

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Freight Trains from China – list of countries

freight trains from china

Freight trains from China, according to the New Silk Road, are currently reaching many countries around the world. The Chinese are now betting on rail transport. It is shorter than sea transport and cheaper than air transport. In the article below, we will present to which countries currently freight trains from China arrive. Where do …

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