Import from China – The guidebook

Import from China

Import from China is a long and complicated process. It requires good preparation and familiarization with the reality in China. Many factors make up the whole process. Starting from supplier search and verification for the transport of goods and customs clearance. Each of these stages requires knowledge that is necessary to avoid fraud or additional, …

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Rail traffic between the Port of Duisburg and Wuhan resumed

The coronavirus and restrictions implemented to fight with the pandemic have affected many industries. It has disturbed the supply chain, forcing a part of the transportation of goods to halt. As the COVID-19 subsides in China, many businesses have resumed work. Even Wuhan, considered to be the epicenter of the coronavirus, has reconnected with the …

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Poland-China – Logistical connections

Poland-China logistical connections Poland has a strategic location in the center of continental Europe, neighboring with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia and Germany. It comes as not a surprise that Poland is the transit country for the main transport corridors between Asia and Europe. Poland connects with China mainly by maritime, rail and road …

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Silk Road – disseminating an idea

The Belt and Road Initiative, also called the New Silk Road, refers to the world-famous Silk Road, which originated from the Han dynasty. China at that time traded goods with Europe – hence such a reference. Currently, the Chinese are focused on promoting a new idea. Check how they promote the New Silk Road. Joint …

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Freight Trains from China – list of countries

freight trains from china

Freight trains from China, according to the New Silk Road, are currently reaching many countries around the world. The Chinese are now betting on rail transport. It is shorter than sea transport and cheaper than air transport. In the article below, we will present to which countries currently freight trains from China arrive. Where do …

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