Do I need an EORI number?

The EORI number is a contractor’s registration and identification number. It is necessary for a bill of entry of both entering and leaving European Union goods. In practice, this means that without an EORI number, you cannot legally import or export products from the Community.

To whom EORI applies?

Owning an EORI number is required when importing goods from outside of the European Union or exporting from its territory. It is worth pointing out that entrepreneurs are allowed to have only one EORI in the whole European Union. This obligation does not regard whether the products come from the sea or air freight. What’s important is that it also relates to buying samples of products.

Enterprises, as well as those who are willing to conduct foreign trade, use the EORI as an identification number during all the customs procedures. Furthermore, the EORI is being used by all of the customs authorities when exchanging information between other government departments and agencies.

The primary purposes of EORI are maintaining statistics and increasing security. One should keep in mind that it’s better to apply for an EORI number in advance. We encourage you to do it as fast as possible because nowadays receiving an EORI number can take even a few weeks.

To whom EORI does not apply?

Owning an EORI does not apply to the transport of goods admitted to trading in the EU. Moreover, natural persons who import products from outside of the EU for their use are exempt from using it. In such a case, one should remember about entering “NATURAL PERSON” in the appropriate field on the customs declaration.

Consequences of the lack of an EORI number

When the customs cannot check in the goods, they are not allowed to enter the country. It means the importer cannot pick them up, and the load will be held until the EORI has been submitted. No additional penalties are imposed for the lack of EORI, and the goods will not be destroyed. However, it is worth consulting that additional costs will be imposed for keeping the goods in the port or airport. Furthermore, the consequences resulting from delays will arise.  

An EORI number is crucial if you plan to expand your business overseas or work with suppliers from abroad. If you are interested in applying for an EORI, you should request the assignment to the customs authorities of the EU country in which they are established.

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