5 ways to find clients as a freight broker

Generating shipper leads is crucial for growing freight brokerage business. What are the most efficient ways of customer acquisition in the shipping industry? We have 5 foolproof ways to find clients as a freight broker.

5 ways to find clients as a freight broker

Be a back-up freight forwarder

Let’s suppose you know a shipper who already has a trusted freight forwarder. It does not mean they don’t need you! Make a proposition to be on their reserve list as a backup freight broker. If the current freight forwarder cannot provide their service as requested, you can become the shipper’s main freight broker.

Advertise your specialization for more freight broker leads

Do you specialize in out-of-gauge loads or RoRo/LoLo? You should make the most of networking and reach out to similar businesses you already work with and talk about your expertise. Find your unique selling proposition to get ahead of your competitors.

Make the most of social media – freight brokerage marketing strategies

Social media platforms are great channels for expanding your shipping business. You should engage with content, create posts, and do research on platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter).

Build a referral program for generating freight broker leads

Referral programs help businesses reach more people and grow revenue. They are cost-effective since they are based on a word-of-mouth marketing strategy, which incentivizes existing customers to recommend your products to others in their network. This not only helps to attract more customers but also to retain the existing ones. Don’t forget to reward referrers with dollar credit or another form of incentive.

Move along the supply chain

You can expand your client base, starting with one loyal shipper. Look up the supply chain to reach out to your client’s suppliers to see if they need a freight broker. Then, look down the supply chain to find client’s clients and find out their situation. You may be surprised how many are interested in expanding their options.

You provide the service; we have your customer base

ShipHub.co is an international freight platform that allows shippers to quote freight rates from forwarders free of charge. As a verified ShipHub partner, you can access an extensive client database. On ShipHub, you can:

  • get clients with zero marketing
  • manage your deal flow from an easy-to-use dashboard
  • get more qualified leads and increase sales
  • filter inquiries by transport types, cargo type, and route
  • and much more.

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