China-Europe freight trains reach 10,000 

China-Europe freight trains

China-Europe freight trains in 2022 made 10,000 trips on the 21st of August. It was about ten days earlier than in the previous year. The mark was not only hit earlier but also with a record TEU volume.  China-Europe freight trains in 2022  China-Europe freight trains moved 972,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of goods during …

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Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link


More than 1,000 tons of goods left Wuxi in China, headed for Uzbekistan by a freight train. This new Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link can cut the trip between China and Uzbekistan by about 20 days compared to sea freight. The estimated transit time is 20 days. Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link The train carries goods for …

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The Arctic shipping hub – a strategic point for China

The Arctic shipping hub

China is becoming a major economic power, constantly developing its relations with Europe. The Chinese are unceasingly searching for expansion paths and ways to improve trade routes both to Europe and to other countries. While Beijing focuses on the routes around the Arctic Circle, the melting of ice in a Norwegian city turns out to …

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Rail freight from China to France

rail freight from China to France

For freight operators, the opportunity to increase the scale of their operations in the promising intermodal segment is the development of China’s rail link with Europe – The New Silk Road. The Chinese provinces are striving to open new transport routes for faster and safer transportation of goods. Intermodal transport using rail is currently more …

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Rail traffic between the Port of Duisburg and Wuhan resumed

The coronavirus and restrictions implemented to fight with the pandemic have affected many industries. It has disturbed the supply chain, forcing a part of the transportation of goods to halt. As the COVID-19 subsides in China, many businesses have resumed work. Even Wuhan, considered to be the epicenter of the coronavirus, has reconnected with the …

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Poland-China – Logistical connections

Poland-China logistical connections Poland has a strategic location in the center of continental Europe, neighboring with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia and Germany. It comes as not a surprise that Poland is the transit country for the main transport corridors between Asia and Europe. Poland connects with China mainly by maritime, rail and road …

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Railway Silk Road – increase in the number of trains

The year 2018 turned out to be satisfactory for the person dealing with the Railway Silk Road. For many companies dealing with rail transport, it was a time to strengthen their position on the market. Besides, the Railway Silk Road was actively promoted by representatives of many companies, and now we can hear about a …

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10 projects of the New Silk Road

The New Silk Road is a concept proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013. It is a large-scale investment project involving 125 countries and 29 international organizations. These investments aim to create infrastructure for a network of land routes connecting China with Central Asia and Europe, as well as a network of maritime routes connecting …

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Silk Road – disseminating an idea

The Belt and Road Initiative, also called the New Silk Road, refers to the world-famous Silk Road, which originated from the Han dynasty. China at that time traded goods with Europe – hence such a reference. Currently, the Chinese are focused on promoting a new idea. Check how they promote the New Silk Road. Joint …

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Rail Freight from China to Europe

Rail transport is the most dynamically developing branch of logistics. Also, this transport is an ideal alternative to expensive air transport and shipping of goods by sea, which often takes more than 40 days. The rail freight from China to Europe was launched based on the idea of the Silk Road. Rail freight from China …

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