What is the WCA Organization?


WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 7,313 offices in 191 countries around the world. WCA offers each member the possibility of contacting shipping partners from every corner of the globe. Founded in 1998 as the world’s first worldwide non-exclusive network, WCA is neutrally managed and operated …

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Forwarding agent

Forwarding agent

When importing goods from China or another country, the importer often has to use a forwarder’s services. A freight forwarder, or a freight forwarding agent, is mainly involved in organizing goods’ transport. In the article below, we describe what forwarding companies can do for you, when it is worth using their services, and how to …

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Global Freight Forwarders Conference

Global Freight Forwarders Conference is a prestigious high-class event taking place in Asia concerning the logistics and forwarding industry. It gathers thousands of people from hundreds of countries and five continents. The event consists of an opening ceremony, speech, forum, lunch break, One-to-One meetings, banquets, and cocktail parties. All these activities are aimed for establishing …

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