Shipping from Ningbo to Rotterdam

Ningbo is a city in northeastern Zhejiang Province, China. One of the most important parts of the city is its port. Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the third biggest port in the world. In comparison, Rotterdam is a city in the south of the Netherlands; it is home to the biggest port in Europe and one of the biggest ports outside East Asia. Both of these cities play an important role in international shipping as well as in the development of the economies of certain areas. This article discusses the topic of shipping from Ningbo to Rotterdam.

China-the Netherlands relations

China and the Netherlands first established diplomatic relations in 1954. At present, the two countries have diplomatic relations. Their economic and trade relations are developing very fast. The Netherlands is the third-largest trade partner with China among the European Union nations.

Methods of shipping from Ningbo to Rotterdam

There are two main approaches to shipping cargo from Ningbo to Rotterdam. The first is via sea between the ports of Ningbo and Rotterdam. The second is by air between Ningbo Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or a different airport in the Netherlands. Both methods have advantages, depending on the products you want to ship. It’s important to select the method that best suits your particular requirements.

Sea shipping from Ningbo to Rotterdam

Sea shipping is one of the most convenient methods of shipping cargo between Europe and China. Sea freight is an important part of international trade. Its main advantage is the possibility of transporting a large amount of cargo. It is also usually the least expensive option for shipping goods. However, it is important to remember that this type of transport takes a while longer.

How long does it take to ship from Ningbo to Rotterdam by sea?

When transporting products by sea from the port of Ningbo to the port of Rotterdam, you must expect a waiting time of about 30 to 40 days for the cargo to arrive. Ships depart on this route approximately every one or two weeks.

Biggest seaports in Ningbo and Rotterdam

Ningbo Port

The port of Ningbo is one of the oldest ports in China. The first historical records can be traced back thousands of years, but it was on March 31, 2008, that Ningbo Port Group, as the main sponsor, collectively launched the Ningbo Port Co. Now, it is the third-largest port in the world.

This port also has many natural advantages, such as being sheltered by the Zhoushan Islands, its deep waters, and its mild current. The waters around the port are placid and do not often freeze.

With 19 port sections, it is one of the most prominent ports in the world. It undertakes economic trade with over 560 ports in over 90 nations and areas worldwide.

seaports in Ningbo
Port of Rotterdam

The port is located in the Netherlands and serves as a major marine commercial hub. The Port of Rotterdam was founded in 1283 when a small fishing village was established on these territories. In later years, the village flourished, and with it the port, which today is the largest port in Europe as well as one of the largest in the world outside of Asia.

The main objective of the port authorities is to develop and utilize the port in an environmentally friendly way and to ensure its safety and efficient development.

port of Rotterdam

Air freight from Ningbo to Rotterdam

Air freight is one of the fastest transport methods between Ningbo and Rotterdam. Its biggest advantage is that it requires only a few days and is safer for transporting fragile products. During air transportation, you can often track your cargo as well. However, it is more expensive than sea freight, and air freight is affected by weather conditions, which can delay the arrival time of cargo.

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Biggest airports in Ningbo and the Netherlands

Ningbo airport

The main airport for cargo delivery to Ningbo is Ningbo Lishe International Airport. Established in 1990, it has been developing rapidly since then. The 30000-square-meter airport is divided into domestic departure warehouses, domestic arrival warehouses, international departure warehouses, and international arrival warehouses.

airports in Ningbo
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Rotterdam has no airport that specializes in transporting cargo by air. However, there are several airports in the Netherlands that provide cargo transportation, the largest of which is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Amsterdam airport

How much does it cost to ship cargo from Ningbo to Rotterdam?

The prices for shipping cargo from Ningbo to Rotterdam will vary depending on the type of cargo, mode of shipment, container type, and others. We recommend completing the simple and free ShipHub form to help you with the process. All you have to do is visit the website and choose the options that best fit your needs.

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