Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe. It owes its leading position in the EU and worldwide to its exceptional accessibility, even for the largest seagoing vessels. In addition, the port’s infrastructure enables the distribution of all kinds of cargo. Port of Rotterdam In 2018, the port received 4,499,591 containers, accounting for 7,571,434 …

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The Port of Istanbul

the Port of Istanbul

Sea freight enables transporting large cargo on long distances at a relatively low-cost. There is no sea transport without ports. Tukey alone has almost 200 ports and piers in total. The Port of Haydarpaşa is located in Istanbul, the biggest and the most populous city in Turkey. Being a deep water seaport, the port of …

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Liege Airport

liege airport

Liege International Airport is located in Grâce-Hollogne, 9 km from the capital city of the province of Liege with the same name in Belgium. It is the second biggest airport in Belgium and the 7th biggest cargo airport in Europe. Liege Airport The airport is identified by the IATA airport code LGG. The first terminal …

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Yangshan Port in Shanghai

The Yangshan Port, which is at the heart of the New Silk Road, is the busiest container port in the world. It is also a key element of the Belt and Road Initiative, handling cargo of the largest container ships that exist in the world. The port has the largest automated container terminal, setting a …

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COVID-19 reduces Chinese ports charges

Although the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China has somehow slowed down, it still has severely disrupted the global supply chain and immensely impacted the Chinese economy. Some of the problems remained. It has been reported that in order to promote the work resumption of logistics firms, China will lower the service charges of ports. …

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Port of Singapore

Port Singapore is one of the largest ports in the world. It serves over 33.7 million TEU every year. Port of Singapore Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the Port of Singapore is considered to be the second-largest port in the world in terms of tonnes of cargo handled. Right after Shanghai, …

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