Shipping from the US to South Africa

One of South Africa’s principal international trading partners is the United States. In 2022, South Africa imported an estimated $8.2 billion worth of goods from the US. Among the main products were printed books, newspapers, machinery, vehicles, mineral fuels, and oils. This article will provide all the necessary information for those interested in what shipping from the US to South Africa looks like.

Shipping from the US to South Africa – means of transportation

When it comes to shipping, one of the most important decisions is choosing a suitable means of transportation for your international shipment. Many factors, such as price, transit time, or safety, will vary based on your choice, so make sure to choose carefully. The available options are listed below.

Sea freight from the US to South Africa

If a long transit time is not one of your concerns, you should opt for sea freight, the most common means of transportation. It is the most affordable method due to its large capacity. However, you should be aware that sea freight is riskier than other methods. The average ocean freight transit time from the US to South Africa is 33 days.

When choosing sea freight, you must decide between FCL and LCL. FCL stands for Full Container Load, which means you book an entire container; hence, it is suitable for large loads. On the other hand, LCL stands for Less Container Load, meaning that you share it with other shippers, making it ideal for small shipments.

Major seaports in the US

  • Port of New York and New Jersey Port of Houston
  • Port of Los Angeles
  • Port of Long Beach
seaports in the US

Major seaports in South Africa

  • Port of Durban
  • Port of Richards Bay Port Elizabeth
  • Port of Cape Town
seaports in South Africa

Air freight from the US to South Africa

Air freight is considerably more expensive than sea shipping. However, it is much faster and safer, making it suitable for small, valuable shipments, especially those with short expiration dates. The average air freight transit time from the US to South Africa is 2 to 4 business days.

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Major airports in the US

  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
  • Louisville International Airport (SDF)
  • Memphis International Airport (MEM)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Miami International Airport (MIA)
airports in the US

Major airports in South Africa

  • O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB)
  • King Shaka International Airport (DUR)
  • Port Elizabeth International Airport (PLZ)
  • Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
airports in South Africa

How much does shipping from the US to South Africa cost?

Estimating shipping costs on your own is highly time-consuming. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our website, where you can get an in-depth quote for your shipment for free. Requesting a quote will enable you to view various reliable freight forwarders, compare offers, and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Please refer to the examples below for further guidance.

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