Shipping from South Africa to China

The Chinese invest heavily in African countries, and imports from China are popular. The most popular export products are electronics, footwear, vehicles, and furniture. Shipping from South Africa to China is gaining momentum. Every year, there are more and more investors and new shipments. In 2019, South Africa joined the Belt and Road Initiative, which increased investment and trade volume. In this article, we will discuss shipping from South Africa to China.

Shipping from South Africa to China

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Sea shipping from South Africa to China

There are many types of transport, and sea transport is the most popular option. It has always been the most common way of delivering goods long distances from one country to another. There is a risk of loss or damage, so it is worth insuring your cargo, but it is still a relatively cheap option for sending goods.

How long is the shipping time from South Africa to China by sea?

Ocean shipping from South Africa to China usually takes 26 days. Many factors can affect the time, such as various holidays, adverse weather, or even customs clearance. It still shouldn’t take longer than a month.

Major cargo ports in South Africa

  • Port of Cape Town
  • Port of Durban
  • East London Port
  • Richards Bay Harbor
  • Port in Saldanha Bay
Ports in South Africa

Main cargo ports in China

  • Port of Shanghai
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan Port
  • Port of Guangzhou
  • Port of Qingdao
  • Port of Tianjin
China seaports

Air transport from South Africa to China

Air transport is the second option for delivering goods. It is used for goods with a short expiry date, such as food or more valuable cargo, e.g. jewelry or precious stones. This solution is certainly much faster than sea shipping, but it is also much more expensive.

How long does air transport take from South Africa to China?

Factoring in unfavorable conditions, plane delays, and thorough customs inspection, shipping may take a week. If conditions are favorable, shipping air takes approximately 5 days in total.

Major cargo ports in South Africa

  • OR Tambo International Airport
  • King Shaka International Airport
  • Port Elizabeth International Airport
  • East London Airport
Airports in South Africa

 Main cargo airports in China

  • Beijing International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
China airports

How much does it cost to ship from South Africa to China?

The shipping cost incurred when you ship your products mainly depends on the shipping method. Making a final decision based solely on the cost calculations may be difficult. Thanks to it is much easier and faster. On the website, you can fill out a form to get free quotes and contact reliable forwarders. You can compare, carefully check offers, and choose the best one for your cargo.

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