TIR carnet

TIR Carnet

Many types of documents are used in international transport. One of them is a TIR carnet – an international customs document used when moving goods between at least two customs territories. TIR carnet Usually, under the TIR procedure, the goods are sealed by the customs authorities where the load or a part load of goods …

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SMGS rail consignment note

SMGS consignment note

Many regulations and directives regulate international rail transport. One of the most important conventions developed by the OSJD – Organization for Cooperation of Railways, is SMGS or Agreement on the International Goods Transport by Rail. It regulates freight traffic in a certain area. The latest version came into force on July 15, 2015. The SMGS …

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CIM consignment note

CIM consignment note

A transport document specifies the terms of the contract for the carriage of goods. This type of document is used in the air (airwaybill), sea (bill of lading), road (CMR), and rail transport. For rail freight, the SMSG and the CIM rail consignment notes are used. When is the CIM consignment note needed? What is …

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Customs clearance in the USA

Customs clearance in the USA

When importing into the USA, understating the US’ customs clearance procedure is a must. Customs clearance in the USA is overseen by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), its primary border control organization. It is required to present the CBP with multiple documents and to pay due duties. Is a Customs Broker needed? …

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AGRIM and AGREX licenses

AGRIM and AGREX licenses

AGRIM (Agricultural Imports) and AGREX (Agricultural Exports) licenses are related to the process of import and export of some agricultural products from or to countries outside the European Union. Both AGRIM and AGREX fall under Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regulations. AGRIM and AGREX licenses The list of products subject to the AGRIM or AGREX requirements …

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What is a commercial invoice?

International trade requires filling out many, sometimes quite complicated paperwork. Various documents are required for customs clearance alone. The commercial invoice is one of them. An importer must ensure that the sender issues this type of invoice. Customs cannot clear imported goods without the commercial invoice. Commercial Invoice (CI) A commercial invoice, CI for short, …

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What is a customs bond?

Customs bond

Customs bond is an agreement relating to a specific transaction between an importer and a customs office. Under U. S. customs regulations, customs bond is a requirement for export to the U.S. A customs bond is a financial guarantee between the guaranteeing company that submits the declaration, the importer, and Customs Border Protection (CBP). The …

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