DCT Gdansk rebrands to Baltic Hub

For the fifteenth anniversary, the largest container terminal on the Baltic Sea, DCT Gdansk, changed its name to the Baltic Hub. The new name indicates the ambitions of the container terminal.

DCT Gdansk rebrands to Baltic Hub

DCT Gdansk’s rebranding is an important step to redefine the position of the container terminal in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. After the new (third) deep-water quay is completed, the Baltic Hub will become one of the largest container hubs in Europe. According to the terminal operator, the new name is more suitable since it “better represents its ambitions to be THE hub for the region, both by land and by sea.”

The CEO of Baltic Hub, Charles Baker, revealed the secret to the company’s success: “It’s a result of our excellent location, with good sea access and no tidal restrictions, but also our excellent operational capabilities and the support and investments in infrastructure by the Polish government.” He added that “(…) we readily acknowledge that today’s Baltic Hub would not exist without the hard work and commitment of all our staff as well as the faith and loyalty of our stakeholders, customers, lenders, suppliers and local communities (…).”

DCT Gdansk started its operation in 2007. The first deepsea quay had a throughput capacity of 500.000 TEU. After the second deepsea quay was opened for commercial use, in 2021, the annual handling capacity increased to over 2.09 million TEU. With three deepsea quays, the capacity of the Baltic Hub terminal will increase to 4.5 million TEU per year.

For the past 15 years (2007-2022), the Baltic Hub container terminal handled:

In addition, port authorities are investing in rail transport. The rail capacity is to increase by more than a quarter and exceed one million TEU.

The expansion of the Gdansk container terminal is of great importance for Poland and the surrounding countries. The Baltic Hub is a transport gateway for Central and Eastern Europe, incl. Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Moreover, thanks to the investments, the terminal will be able to facilitate new-generation container ships and improve the situation in the Baltic region. Expanding the functionality and services will make the Baltic Hub container terminal more competitive.

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