Miami Cargo Hub

Miami cargo hub is one of the most important freight hubs on the globe. It is located at the MIA, Miami International Airport, in Florida, US. It boasts a global route network of 162 cities on five continents and freighter service to over 100 destinations.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport serves the greater Miami metropolitan area. It was opened in 1928. It is located 8 miles (13 km) northwest of Downtown Miami.

MIA is the busiest international cargo airport in the US and the busiest US gateway for international passengers. Miami International Airport’s largest cargo complex is located on the west side of the airport.


Miami Cargo Hub – quick facts

  • 1st in the US in international freight
  • 2.75 million US tons total freight
  • international freight: 57% import/export; 43% in transit
  • tonnage: 82% international; 18% domestic
  • LATAM/Caribbean trade: 83% all air imports; 79% all exports
  • USD 67.5 billion air trade value
  • 95% of Florida’s total air import/exports by dollar value
  • tonnage by aircraft: 86% freighter, 14% passenger.

MIA Cargo

As one of the world’s best freight hubs, MIA Cargo Hub deals with shipments of perishable products, telecommunications equipment, hi-tech commodities, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, and textiles.

  • The top exports by tonnage are vehicle parts/tires and industrial machinery/parts, but if taking into account dollar value, the number one are computers and peripherals.
  • The top imports by tonnage are flowers and fish/crustaceans (perishable products). By value, telecommunications equipment gets the first spot.
  • South America is the top MIA trade region (over 900,000 tons, USD 34 billion).
  • MIA handles 69% of all US perishable products: 58% of fish/seafood, 89% of flowers, and 69% of fruits & vegetables.
Miami International Airport top trade by tonage
Miami International Airport top trade by value

What are the cargo facilities at the MIA?

The MIA boasts:

  • the first IATA-designated Pharma Hub in the US
  • USDA facility that houses the Veterinary Services’ import and export operations
  • 395,276 sqft (36,722 sqm) of temperature-controlled space
  • 3.66 million sqft (339,836 sqm) of total warehouse, support, and office space
  • 41 common-use and 31 leased cargo aircraft parking positions.

Cargo service is available daily from 7 am to 9 pm; dangerous goods are handled Monday-Saturday 8 am-6 pm (drop-off). Pick-up service is available all around.

What is in store? 

In 2027, the Vertically Integrated Cargo Community will be opened. It will be a 1.7 m square foot innovative cargo multistory building that will incorporate all aspects of cargo throughput functionalities under one roof. The annual projected capacity is 4.5 m metric tons of air cargo. The investment is strongly needed because MIA is nearing its capacity to handle more cargo. It will create 21,560 jobs, 13,620 in construction, and 7,940 in cargo operations.

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