What is the WCA Organization?

WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 7,313 offices in 191 countries around the world. WCA offers each member the possibility of contacting shipping partners from every corner of the globe. Founded in 1998 as the world’s first worldwide non-exclusive network, WCA is neutrally managed and operated to truly benefit every member company from the TSL (Transport – Shipping – Logistics) industry. Over the years of operation, WCA has continuously strived to add new, innovative, and high-value membership benefits. The organization runs regional service centers around the world. It has offices in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Istanbul, Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai, Abidjan, Dubai, and Shenzhen. The WCA organization has many different branches. Below we present two of them: WCA Project and WCA Inter Global.

WCA Projects

WCA Project has 413 member offices in 111 countries and 214 cities. To join WCA Projects, you must fulfill the criteria set by the WCA:

  • the applicant must show its company has been handling major projects for a reasonable period
  • three projects should be presented based on which the company’s membership is considered
  • all applicants must have a specialized project team and must be able to demonstrate high quality, experience, and adequate financial resources
  • members are expected to participate with other WCA network members actively and attend WCA Projects conferences a minimum of every two years
  • in addition, all new members must be local or regional companies with good reputations in their industry.

Membership is continuously monitored to ensure these standards are maintained.

On the other hand, WCA Projects Network partners can provide a full range of services, including:

  • pre-qualification documentation assistance and advice
  • preparation of technical bid submission
  • references and accreditations
  • obtaining permits and licenses
  • accountable and auditable supply chain management services
  • industry-leading track-and-trace system – Shipment Management
  • deep understanding and knowledge of infrastructure, requirements, and Customs clearance regulations.

To join the WCA Project, visit the official membership application page.

WCA Inter Global

WCA Inter Global (formerly IGLN) is the world’s largest single network, with 4434 member offices in 162 countries around the globe. This network is formed specifically to help develop trade and partnerships to and from the world’s emerging economies.

WCA Inter Global members can provide the full range of services, including:

  • import and export distribution services
  • FCL rate negotiations
  • assistance in customs clearance
  • marine and air insurance
  • documentation services (such as bank draft and negotiating a letter of credit)
  • hazardous cargo and perishable goods handling.

Transactions between any two WCA Inter Global member offices are covered by a financial guarantee up to the total US $100,000.

To apply for membership in WCA Inter Global, please visit their official website.

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