Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link

More than 1,000 tons of goods left Wuxi in China, headed for Uzbekistan by a freight train. This new Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link can cut the trip between China and Uzbekistan by about 20 days compared to sea freight. The estimated transit time is 20 days.

Wuxi-Uzbekistan freight train link

The train carries goods for the Uzbek market with a combined market value of 30 million yuan, such as:

  • household appliances
  • polyester chips
  • drill pipes
  • tires and other auto parts.

It is supposed to reach Uzbekistan after 20 days from departure from East China.

The freight train link goes from Wuxi through Lianyungang and Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan. The service works in the opposite direction as well. In this case, the port of Lianyungang is an export gate to Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Even though the port is not as known as nearby ports of Shanghai and Qingdao, the port of Lianyungang is in the top 40 worldwide. Now, it solidifies its position as a service center for China’s Central Asia trade.

The new freight train link is great news for foreign trade enterprises, as they have been struggling to export goods since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The new freight train service between China and Central Asia is a great alternative to sea freight as it saves time.

The Belt and Road Initiative grows in size. China is developing new links with Europe, Central Asia, and ASEAN countries. This year aside from Wuxi-Lianyungang-Uzbekistan, Wuxi-Xuzhou-Hamburg, Wuxi-Suzhou-St. Petersburg, Wuxi-Xuzhou-Moskov test trains were launched. The China-Laos railway on the Kunming–Singapore railway shipped over 1 m tons of cross-border goods in just over seven months.

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Photograph: xiancn.com/content/2022-08/14/content_6625616.htm

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