Shipping costs from China to the US [updated June 2024]

If you buy from China or other countries abroad, you cannot avoid international shipping. It can be challenging, especially in terms of pricing. We have broken down shipping costs from China to the US.

Shipping costs from China to the US – factors

Many factors influence shipping costs from China to the United States. Below are some of them.

Shipping mode

There are many shipping methods, and each is priced differently. When shipping from China to the US, the available options are sea freight and air freight.

  • Sea freight is typically the most cost-effective method for large shipments. The downside is that it has a longer transit time, often taking several weeks.
  • Air freight is faster than sea freight, as you can ship by air in days. However, it is the most expensive shipping mode and is ideal for smaller, high-value shipments.

Shipment weight and volume

Shipping costs depend on the weight and volume of your shipment. Generally, the bigger and heavier the shipment, the higher the shipping costs.

Customs duties and taxes

Goods sourced from China to the US are subject to customs duties and taxes. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) determines these values based on the goods’ HS code.

Shipping time

Express services are expected to be more expensive, but sometimes they are necessary, such as for time-sensitive loads.

Shipping rates and surcharges

Shipping rates are one thing, but there are also many surcharges, such as:

  • fuel surcharges
  • peak season surcharges
  • security surcharges
  • port fees
  • etc. 

If you factor them all in, the overall shipping is, of course, higher.

Current events that shape the shipping industry

Current events also influence shipping costs and transit times. Some of them are:

  • Red Sea crisis
  • Congestions in Asian ports
  • Panama Canal issue

Please stay up to date with current events to proceed accordingly with your sourcing business and minimize losses.

Shipping costs from China to the US – updated June 2024

In terms of shipping costs from China to the US and other directions, rates are showing an upward trend:

  • +10% on the China – West Coast of the US route
  • +6.6% on the China – Europe route
  • +7.1% on the China – East Coast of the US route
  • +6.3% on the China – Southeast route
TypeRouteContainer or kgTransit time (days)Shipping cost
FCL SeaNingbo – Rotterdam40’HC35-40USD 6,000 – 8,000
FCL SeaShanghai – Long Beach40’HC20-25USD 6,000 – 7,000
AirShanghai – New York300 kg7-10USD 2,000 – 2,500
FCL RailQingdao – Istanbul40’HC35-40USD 6,500 – 7,000
* Indicative market prices

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