CITES Convention


CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is a multilateral treaty regulating the trade of more than 35 000 species – about 30 thousand species of plants and 5600 species of animals. One hundred eighty-three countries have signed the Convention. CITES brings attention to a global problem that illegal …

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ADN – What is it?

ADN (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways) is a European agreement regarding the international carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways. It is worth remembering that the ADN regulations are amended in Europe every two years. Genesis The ADN Agreement was drawn up in Geneva on May 26, 2000, …

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Import from China – The guidebook

Import from China

Import from China is a long and complicated process. It requires good preparation and familiarization with the reality in China. Many factors make up the whole process. Starting from supplier search and verification for the transport of goods and customs clearance. Each of these stages requires knowledge that is necessary to avoid fraud or additional, …

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AEO – What is it?


Authorized Economics Operator, or AEO for short, is a concept in business language that can be specified as an authorized entrepreneur or trusted entrepreneur. The AEO status makes it easier for entrepreneurs to go through customs procedures. A permit issued in one of the European Union countries is recognized in all EU member states. Other …

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CSC – What is it?


Before imported goods can reach their final destination, they need to pass through a few stop-off points. One of them will most likely be a container terminal where the freight will go through all necessary procedures and eventually be brought on board. This whole process is not free of charge, and that is where CSC …

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The problem of American and Chinese airlines

American and Chinese airlines

Problem of American and Chinese airlines still in progress. Washington accused Beijing of blocking US carriers from resuming flights to China, which prompted the US authorities to tighten controls on Chinese airlines. The exchange of blows started after the US Department of Transportation stated that Beijing’s regulatory authorities are preventing US carriers from flying between …

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