AEO – What is it?

Authorized Economics Operator, or AEO for short, is a concept in business language that can be specified as an authorized entrepreneur or trusted entrepreneur. The AEO status makes it easier for entrepreneurs to go through customs procedures. A permit issued in one of the European Union countries is recognized in all EU member states. Other entrepreneurs can recognize an entrepreneur with AOE status as a reliable business partner.

Who can get AEO status?

The above status can be obtained by any entrepreneur having their registered office in the customs territory of the Union, conducting economic activity dealing, for example, with imports on the international market.

An entrepreneur applying for the AEO status may obtain the status of:

  • the authorized economic operator in the field of customs simplifications (AEOC)
  • the authorized trader in the field of safety and security (AEOS)
  • the authorized trader in the field of simplification, safety, and security (AEOF)

How do you get an AEO?

An entrepreneur who wants to obtain the AEO status must apply to the appropriate authorities. He can do this by visiting the office, by mail or electronically.

To obtain the status, however, you must meet the requirements contained in the provisions of the Union Customs Code:

  • the entrepreneur cannot have first and foremost a criminal history,
  • the company must be financially stable,
  • employees must have high competence and professional qualifications (this requirement is not needed when applying for AEOS status),
  • the company applying for the AEOS status must prove that it meets the safety and security criteria in the area of access control, logistics processes, or processes related to handling certain types of goods.
  • an entrepreneur applying for AEOF status must meet all of the above criteria.


The advantages of the AEO status depend on the type of status the company has obtained, resulting from EU law. The entrepreneur can count, among others, for a smaller number of document audits, priority in the case of audits, or choice of audit location.

Expiry date

The AEO status is granted for life. The exceptions are companies that obtained the status before May 1, 2016, and due to changes in criteria introduced at that time, they had to go through the evaluation process again by April 30, 2019.

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