Christmasworld Frankfurt

When looking for a business partner or researching new trends and solutions in the industry, attending trade fairs and trade shows will undoubtedly benefit you. One of such events is Christmasworld Frankfurt, held every winter in January/February in Germany. It was created mainly with companies dealing with seasonal products in mind. Find out more about Christmasworld Frankfurt!

What is Christmasworld Frankfurt about?

Christmasworld Frankfurt is an international fair for seasonal and festive decorations – a worldwide leader of trade fairs in this industry. It’s visited mostly by importers, exporters, wholesale buyers, and retail traders of such goods. The event attracts over 42,800 visitors from around 128 countries and more than 1,000 exhibitors.

Despite its name, “Christmasworld Frankfurt,” the exhibitors present both Christmas-related articles as well as decorations for other festivals and festivities taking place throughout the year. Accordingly, Christmasworld Frankfurt is dedicated to exporters and importers of decorations appropriate for Christmas, Easter, weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Halloween, and many more.

Moreover, it gathers articles and textiles suitable for every season. Whether it’s autumn, winter, spring, or summer, Christmasworld Frankfurt has it all. During the event, the visitors can get acquainted with latest designs and modern accessories.

During Christmasworld, participants grant access to the following product groups:

  • Christmas & Seasonal decorations;
  • Visual merchandising & Light;
  • Florists’ requisites & Garden decorations;
  • Candles & Fragrances;
  • Ribbons & Wrapping;
  • Christmas Delights;
  • Fresh flowers and ornamental plants.
Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

Christmasworld digital addition

In addition to the on-site edition of the event, Christmasworld Frankfurt plans on launching its digital expansion. It’s a perfect solution for those who cannot attend the fair in person for some reason. It benefits both the exhibitors and importers. Thanks to the addition, exhibitors can increase their reach by maintaining their company profile online. Moreover, the digital version of the fair provides its participants with AI-supported matchmaking and video chats. Selected lectures and workshops will also be streamed live. Thus, it’s a great alternative to the offline Christmasworld edition.

How to register for Christmasworld Frankfurt?

To register for Christmasworld Frankfurt, you must visit the trade fair’s official website and get to the bottom of its home page. There, you’ll find the registering options. You can either sign up for the event as an exhibitor, visitor, or journalist, as shown in the picture below. Choose the suitable option and proceed to the registration process. The website will guide you through it step by step when the registration is open. It should be available about three months prior to the event’s occurrence.

Christmasworld Frankfurt


Christmasworld Frankfurt is a perfect opportunity for both exporters and importers of seasonal goods. There, you’ll find decorations, textiles, lighting, and many more articles for every season, festival, and festivity. Whether you’re looking for Christmas ornaments, Valentine’s Day-related products, flowers, plants, or spooky decorations for Halloween, attending the fair will always be a great choice.

Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity not only to find a business partner but also to check new trends, designs, and solutions. And, if you can’t attend the trade fair personally, consider participating in its digital edition!

More details about the Christmas Frankfurt are available on its official website:

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