CILF 2021 – China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair

In September 2021, our platform ShipHub got a chance to attend CILF – China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair. The event has already been held for 16 executive years, becoming one of the most significant fairs with the supply chain theme globally. It’s dedicated to international and domestic companies from the logistics, transport, and other relevant sectors. We present our report from the latest CILF 2021.

What is CILF?

As we mentioned before, CILF was created with logistics and transport businesses in mind. Its main purpose is to enable an effective and wide exchange for all players in the industry. The event aims to contribute to the development of the global modern logistics and supply chain industry, allowing the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign leaders. It’s significant for Chinese logistics and supply chain enterprises while simultaneously creating new possibilities for international companies.

CILF 2021 in numbers

This year’s CILF started on September 23rd and lasted until September 25th. Its theme was “Dual Circulation Equals, Supply Chain Wings.” Every single year the fair grows, hosting more and more newcomers from various regions. This edition attracted nearly 2,000 exhibitors, while the estimated number of visitors is 150,000, exceeding the last edition’s.

Who attends the fair?

The CILF is visited mostly by companies dealing with:

  • Logistics and supply chain management;
  • Port shipping;
  • Air/Maritime/Road/Rail transportation;
  • Smart logistics/IT Information System;
  • Logistics equipment and technology;
  • Logistics packaging equipment/packaging materials;
  • New energy vehicles/special vehicles;
  • Cross-border e-commerce logistics and supply chain.

Moreover, the exhibition’s scope also included areas such as:

  • International exhibition area, where exhibitors from all around the world have a chance to present their offers;
  • Logistics real estate/warehouse park;
  • Supply chain management service exhibition area;
  • Food supply chain exhibition area;
  • and many different.
Exhibitor Industry Category Analysis
Source: CILF2021 Report

The overall size of CILF 2021 was nearly 80 000 m2, about 20,000 m2 larger than in the previous year. Due to the pandemic, the platform also created a “cloud exhibition”, providing participants with precise matching possibilities and One2One online meetings. The newly launched program came up with one-click sharing of “personalized invitations” service for all exhibitors.


CILF 2021 – Event program

During CILF this year, visitors could also take part in many conferences, meetings, and summits on various topics. Their primary goal is to let participants expand their knowledge on certain subjects, discuss them, express their own opinions or ideas, and share the experience with others. This year the fair held over 70 conferences, seminars, and other activities.  

At CILF 2021, one could take part in, for example:

  • The 5th Supply Chain Innovation and Application Summit;
  • The 10th Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum;
  • The 8th Cross-border E-commerce Supply Chain Development Summit Forum – Overseas Market Session;
  • The 5th Smart Logistics Equipment and Logistics Informatization Development Forum;
  • 2021 Electronic Information Industry Supply Chain Summit and 4G Industry Application Theme Forum;
  • The 2nd China (Shenzhen) Digital Trade Industry Innovation and Development Summit;
  • and other.

Furthermore, at CILF 2021 there was also held The Golden Bull Award Ceremony. The award was given to those who had made outstanding contributions to the development of the logistics, supply chain, and cross-border e-commerce industries. Top 100 companies were rewarded in eight different categories, including:

  • “Import Logistics Service Providers TOP10”;
  • “Logistics Information System/Software Enterprises TOP10”;
  • “European Dedicated Line/Overseas Warehouse Companies TOP20”;
  • and a few others.

In 2019, our platform ShipHub got the award for the most innovative company at the fair!

CILF 2021 – Summary

The CILF is a Chinese fair dedicated to enterprises in logistics, transportation, supply chain industries, and other similar. It allows the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign companies. The event’s primary purpose is to contribute to the development of the global modern logistics and supply chain industry. During the CILF 2021, participants could take part in various forums and conferences. The platform also created an online exhibition enabling One2One meetings and precise matchmaking.

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