CSC – What is it?

Before imported goods can reach their final destination, they need to pass through a few stop-off points. One of them will most likely be a container terminal where the freight will go through all necessary procedures and eventually be brought on board. This whole process is not free of charge, and that is where CSC comes from.

Container Service Charges

Container Service Charges are additional costs that one has to incur at a container port. Initially, they are paid by the carrier; however, they are later passed onto the entity which ordered the service in the first place. These costs include:

  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Stacking
  • Transport from the storage to the place of loading

FCL freight and CSC

Container Service Charges apply in cases of Full Container Load (FCL); that means they apply when a single client buys a whole container to transport their commodities. CSC applies to all kinds of containers, no matter what size or type, and that also includes refrigerated containers.

Hazardous goods

One needs to keep in mind that dangerous or refrigerated goods might incur an extra cost. The main reason for that is the necessity to store them in special conditions, such as in a secluded, safe area or with a constant electricity supply.


Container Service Charges are strictly connected to Terminal Handling Charges (THC), which are fees charged by the terminal for handling equipment necessary to load and unload containers. The amount charged differs not only between terminals, but it also depends on the route chosen to transport goods. CSC and THC are often used interchangeably; however, THC is often applied in the case of valuations.

Terminal charges are an unavoidable cost when it comes to the transport of commodities. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider what amount of goods and by what means we would like to transport. With the help of our comparison tool at, you can check and compare freight costs (which already include Terminal Handling Charges) offered by various freight forwarding agents.

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