IFA Berlin

When you’re looking for a supplier or a way to broaden your knowledge about a specific industry, trade fairs are an excellent occasion for it. Such an event is a valuable experience that will definitely benefit you. We encourage those particularly interested in consumer electronics and home appliances to familiarize themselves with IFA Berlin. We discuss the perks of this event.

What is IFA about?

IFA Berlin is a trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances, organized annually in Berlin, Germany, usually in September. The platform allows its participants to connect with customers/exhibitors, investors, mentors, and industry peers. IFA Berlin gathers nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 49 countries and almost 240,000 attendees from 133 countries in a 285,000m2 large area. It’s worth noting, that about 63% of trade visitors come from European Union & Switzerland, 20% from Asia & Australia, 12% – other European countries, 2% – USA & Canada, 2% – Africa, 1% – South America & Central America.

Thus, we can see that diversity is one of many IFA Berlin’s strong points.

Moreover, the event offers a possibility to attend conferences regarding various topics. This way, you can expand your knowledge about a chosen subject, recent developments, solutions, trends, and more.

IFA Berlin

During IFA, participants grant access to the following product groups:

  • Batteries & mobile/stationery charging;
  • Built-in kitchen units;
  • Communications;
  • Components and Accessories for Electric Appliances;
  • Digital Health;
  • Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances;
  • Home Entertainment & VR;
  • Household Appliances;
  • IT Hardware & Software;
  • and many more.
IFA Showcase

IFA Virtual Market Place

If you’re interested in finding out what kind of exhibitors will participate in IFA Berlin, use the IFA Virtual Market Place. It’s an official online catalog of IFA exhibitors that allows you to browse them at any time. By using the search engine, you grant access to all exhibiting companies and their goods. You can choose from many product categories or type in any product you need. Moreover, the site provides an advanced filter search, with the possibility to select a preferable country/region, product group, or business area. 

Thanks to IFA Virtual Market Place, you can check the most crucial information about companies attending IFA. On the other hand, the exhibitors can attract more visitors and present their offers online.  

Using the engine is also an alternative to participating in the event personally, supposing you cannot attend it.

IFA Virtual Marketplace

IFA Berlin – Summary

IFA Berlin creates a space for both domestic and international exporters of consumer electronics and household appliances. Visitors get access to offers of many products, including components and accessories for electronic devices, IT hardware & software, home entertainment & VR, and many more. Therefore, everyone is likely to find something for themselves at the event. Moreover, attendees can participate in conferences on diverse topics and broaden their knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to exchange experience and discover new solutions, trends, and technologies.

For more details about the fair, visit IFA Berlin official website:


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