Shipping from Turkey to France

Turkey is a center for a wide range of products, whether it is food, clothing, raw materials, or machinery. On the other hand, France is one of the largest importers in Europe and mainly imports transport equipment, computers, and chemicals from Turkey.  There are three ways of shipping cargo from Turkey to France: by sea, air, and land. Thanks to the relatively short distance between the countries, it is also possible to easily divide the route and use different methods of transportation on the way.

Shipping from Turkey to France

Airfreight from Turkey to France

Airfreight is, without a doubt, the fastest option for shipping cargo between countries. There are two options for shipping available: express and regular. This method is recommended for smaller shipments; it is also suggested for highly valuable and fragile products, as it is generally the safest.

In Turkey, the biggest cargo airports are in Istanbul (Atatürk) and Ankara (Esenboga).

France is home to the largest cargo airport in Europe: Charles de Gaulle International Airport, located in Paris. Some of the companies operating the route are Turkish Cargo, MNG Airlines, FedEx Express, and Air France.

Sea freight from Turkey to France

Shipping cargo by sea is usually the best option for many importers. The transit time is long, but it is more cost-efficient than airfreight. If you pick this method, you still need to choose between LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) shipping. LCL is recommended for smaller shipments that are not urgent and are usually more cost-effective; FCL is best for larger cargo, which needs to be delivered by a given date.

Trade between Turkey and France has been well-established for many years, so most companies operating on this route have extensive experience.

Ports in Turkey

  • Port of Gemlik is one of the most important ports in the country. It mainly handles containers but also is a hub for the automotive sector.
  • Port of Ambarli is the largest port in Turkey, located near Istanbul.
  • Port of Haydarpaşa is in Istanbul, the third biggest port in the country.
  • The Port of Mersin is Turkey’s second-largest port and the country’s primary gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.
Shipping from Turkey to France seaports in Turkey

Ports in France

  • The Port of Le Havre is the largest container port in the country.
  • Port of Lyon is also known as port Édouard-Herriot. It mainly deals with trade with Eastern France, Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean.
  • Port of Marseilles is France’s largest port and fourth-largest in Europe.
  • Port of Paris is the most important river port in France, dealing with both passenger ships and containerships.
Shipping from Turkey to France seaports in France

Many logistics companies on the Turkey-France route offer many services, like organizing transportation, providing pickup and delivery, and taking care of customs.

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Land freight from Turkey to France

There are different methods of transporting cargo by land; it can be done using rail and road freight. When it comes to the second, many companies run trains on a regular schedule. We recommend contacting a specific company and negotiating the details of transporting the cargo. 

Rail freight is another profitable option, but it is done through intermodal shipping. Many companies offer multimodal transport (only one provider), road, rail, and sea freight to get the best route possible.

This being said, Turkey is heavily investing in building new rail tracks and routes, which will benefit rail freight in the future. Multimodal transport will likely become less prevalent in the upcoming years.

How much does shipping from Turkey to France cost?

With such a wide range of possible transport methods, the price might vary a lot, especially since you also need to consider the type of cargo and its properties. To see how much the price might round up, you can fill out a form on ShipHub to receive a valuation specific to your chosen method of shipping goods. Here are some examples of filled forms:

Shipping from Turkey to France – summary

Both Turkey and France have a lot to offer. With a history of trade and a stable connection both through land and the Mediterranean Sea, shipping products from Turkey to France is quite simple. All the potential importer has to do is know all the possible transportation methods and choose the best option for their shipment.

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