Breakbulk Middle East 2024

Breakbulk is a prestigious series of events in the transport, logistics, and breakbulk industry in the Middle East. Breakbulk Middle East takes place every year, attracting manufacturers and businesses from all over the world. Visit the event to gain knowledge, discover current trends, and establish valuable business contacts. Breakbulk Middle East 2024 will occur on February 12-13 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, gathering over 2,000 companies from 55 countries.

Breakbulk Middle East 2024 edition

Breakbulk Middle East 2024 is an excellent opportunity for people in the transportation & logistics industry. The 2023 edition of Breakbulk Middle East was a huge success, breaking its record by attracting almost 6,500 attendees. It attracts the most influential players on the market and numerous contractors. This fair is a meeting spot for top manufacturers, EPC companies (engineering, procurement, construction), and project owners. Government delegations, transport service providers, and private companies from the oil and gas sector also attend the event.

Breakbulk Middle East 2024

What do Breakbulk Middle East 2024 offer?

During the two-day Breakbulk Middle East 2024 event, experts will hold and host a series of conferences. That will make an excellent opportunity to gain valuable information about identifying areas and kinds of projects with immense business potential. The topics of how to be competitive in the bidding process will also be touched on within the conferences. The specialists will also talk about their experience with grand projects, the steps they had to take to achieve success, and what to be careful about in the future. Conferences will make an excellent chance to get acquainted with the current situation on the market, as well as with modern and future trends.

Some of the most represented countries at last year’s fairs were the United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Germany, and Singapore. That allows us to notice Asia’s considerable influence on the fairs. In the face of opening the borders of countries such as China and Japan, even a more significant influx of Asian businesses can be expected. That situation creates extraordinary circumstances for making new business contacts with representatives of countries in Asia. The increased presence of Asian companies will allow the exchange of knowledge, experience, and possibilities of cooperation. Especially with the dynamic situation in the market, it is crucial to follow the changes and strengthen your position.

Breakbulk Middle East 2024 Fairs – practical information

Place of the event: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre

Opening hours of the event:

Since 12 till 13 of February (since Monday till Tuesday) – from 9 am till 6 pm

Registration for exhibitors takes place via the official page of the event.

The list of exhibitors is available on the official page of the event.

Map of the Dubai World Trade Centre:

Breakbulk Middle East 2024


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