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Tradeshows and trade fairs organized worldwide create great opportunities for international entrepreneurs. They allow finding a business partner and expanding knowledge about various topics in a chosen industry. One of such events is Hannover Messe, which revolves around issues concerning the industry and digital development, organized in Germany for over seventy years. Is it worth attending the trade fair?

Briefly about Hannover Messe’s origin

The first Hannover Messe was held back in 1947, under its original name Fischbrötchenmesse. It aimed to strengthen the German economy after the war and succeeded, resulting in the signing of 1,934 export deals after its 21-day run. Only after three years of its first launch did the visitors from abroad take part in the event. The fair has become a “world-class event for cross-communication between technology and industry” in a relatively short time.

Deutsche Messe AG

What is Hannover Messe about?

Nowadays, Hannover Messe is one of the largest and most significant among such events worldwide, hosting approximately 6,500 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors from all over the world. It’s held annually, every spring, in April.

As mentioned before, the event is all about industry development and digital progress. It creates a perfect environment for the experience exchange and exploration of innovations and current trends.

Its topics are divided into 5 main groups and many sub-groups. The main groups are Automation, Motion & Drives, Digital Ecosystems, Energy Solutions, Engineered Parts & Solutions, Future Hub, Global Business & Markets, and Logistics. Thus, almost everyone could benefit from attending such a trade fair.

Check the topics and sub-topics of Hannover Messe in the picture below.

The topics of Hannover Messe
Source: www.hannovermesse.de/en/

Who visits Hannover Messe?

According to the organizers, the fair is attended by customers interested in various goods, tools, components, system solutions, or finding business partners. What’s interesting, more than half of its visitors come from outside of the EU. Among the participants, you can find some widely-known brands from different industries, e.g., Adidas, Falke, Puma, Ikea, Lego, or Nike. Below we’ve listed some of the largest companies that take part in Hannover Messe, divided into four industries: Automotive/Vehicle, Electronics, Food, and the Process & Chemical Industry.

Automotive/Vehicle companies:

  • Audi;
  • BMW;
  • Ford;
  • Honda;
  • Hyundai;
  • KIA;
  • Porsche;
  • Tesla;
  • Toyota;
  • and many more.

Electronics companies:

  • Apple;
  • Beko;
  • Bosch;
  • Bose;
  • Electrolux;
  • LG;
  • Panasonic;
  • Samsung;
  • Sony;
  • and many more.


  • Danone;
  • Dr. Oetker
  • Ferrero;
  • Haribo;
  • Lindt;
  • Nestle;
  • Storck;
  • Tchibo;
  • and many more.

Process & Chemical Industry:

  • Bayer;
  • BP;
  • L’Oréal;
  • Pfizer;
  • Shell;
  • and many more.

Is Hannover Messe worth attending?

The answer is simple: YES, Hannover Messe is definitely worth attending. What makes the fair so appealing is that its scope is not limited only to one topic but covers various fields. Visitors can deepen their knowledge about innovative solutions, automation, energy, IT, and more and generate new, valuable business contacts. Moreover, due to the vast diversity of participants, it’s also a perfect place to exchange experiences and information. Therefore, we encourage you to attend the fair!

For more details concerning Hannover Messe, visit its official website: https://www.hannovermesse.de/en/

Header photo source: www.messe.de

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