Shipping from Bangladesh to the UK

Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country in the world (2021 data). The country specializes in the ready-made garment industry (RMG) and is the world’s largest garment exporter. Thanks to tremendous industry changes, Bangladesh’s factories nowadays attract manufacturers promising low production costs and high-quality products. As a result, the United Kingdom focuses on importing apparel and semi-finished fabrics. This article discusses shipping from Bangladesh to the UK.

Shipping from Bangladesh to the UK

Ocean freight from Bangladesh to the UK

Ocean freight transportation has two benefits: low freight rates, and large shipping capacity, for the inconvenience of longer transit time. A standard shipping route from Bangladesh to the UK takes between 35 to 40 days of transit, with stops for loading in Singapore and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

In February 2022, a direct shipping route from Bangladesh (Chittagong) to the UK (Liverpool) was launched. It is operated by Allseas Global Logistics Company, a UK freight forwarding and shipping company, and shortened the route time to 23 days. The route is handled by three vessels, departing every ten days, and is perfect for shipment of Bangladesh’s specialty, RMG products.

Three major ports are operating in Bangladesh:

  • Port of Chittagong is the busiest port and handles over 90 percent of Bangladesh’s trade, with an annual container volume equal to 3.097 million TEUs (a unit of cargo capacity)
  • Port of Mongla, the second largest and second busiest port, due to congestion in Chittagong Port, often handles rerouted vessels
  • Port of Dhaka is a river port on the Buriganga River in Dhaka (capital city) that handles mostly passenger traffic
  • Matarbari Port, currently under construction and planned to be opened in 2026, will be Bangladesh’s first deep-sea port. It is designed to hold vessels with a maximum draught of 16 meters (52 ft) and will have a 2.8 million TEU capacity.
Seaports in Bangladesh

Major ports of the United Kingdom:

  • Port of Felixstowe is the busiest in the UK, handling about 50% of international trade in the country (3.8 million TEUs)
  • Port of London, despite being a part of the Thames River, still is an important port that connects with the open sea and allows for transit of all kinds of cargo
  • Port of Southampton is known for both passenger traffic and handling trade cargo (1.5 million TEUs)
  • Port of Immingham is a major handling point of the East coast of the Islands and holds great importance in admitting imported fuels into the country
  • Port of Liverpool handles the widest variety of cargo, from dry bulk to liquids.
Seaports in the UK

Air freight from Bangladesh to the UK

Air freight, due to its speed and high freight costs of air transit, is mainly chosen when handling products of high demand or perishables. Air transit can take 1 to 6 days, depending on a chosen vessel or transit stops. The cargo can be shipped from Chittagong or Dhaka airports in Bangladesh to any international airport in the UK.

Airports in Bangladesh

Major airports of the UK:

  • London Heathrow Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • Birmingham International Airport
  • Glasgow International Airport
Cargo airports in the UK

Train freight from Bangladesh to the UK

Currently, there is no direct railway from Bangladesh to the UK. Despite that, after the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in 2021, the UK decided to help Bangladesh’s government and strengthen trade relations between them by investing in and improving their domestic railway system. It may herald a future railway link between Bangladesh and Europe, with a connection to the British Islands.

Shipping from Bangladesh to the UK: shipping documents

Customs require standard shipping documentation, including a certificate of origin, export declaration, air waybill, packing list, etc. Read more about the required documents.


The UK enforced the Double Taxation Convention. It may tax the importer’s foreign income twice (by the UK and the country where the income comes from, like Bangladesh), but applying for tax relief is possible in both countries. There are additional corporate taxes for companies and banks, VAT, and possible export duties for certain industries.

How much does it cost to ship from Bangladesh to the UK?

Shipping rates can change daily, depending on current fuel prices, the weight and quantity of cargo, and the distance. Get a quote for your shipment on simply by filling out a form and submitting it. Reliable freight forwarders will provide a variety of offers to choose from.

Shipping from Bangladesh to the UK quotes

Shipping from Bangladesh to the UK – to sum up

Bangladesh is one of the leaders in the RMG industry. Low production costs and high-quality garments attract manufacturers from all around the world. The most efficient transportation method, including costs and quantity, is sea transit from the biggest ports in Dhaka, Chittagong, or Mongla. To get the shortest transit time, ship by a cargo plane from two international airports of Bangladesh – Shah Amanat in Chittagong or Hazrat Shahjalal in Dhaka. Remember to get a quote for free for your shipment on

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