Shipping from Pakistan to Germany

Pakistan is the 41st economy in the world. It conducts profitable trade with European countries and the United States. Pakistan’s most popular exports are textiles, clothing, fruits, medical instruments, and leather goods. Year by year, shipping from Pakistan to Germany brings more and more profits. How to ship between those countries?

Shipping from Pakistan to Germany

Top products shipped from Pakistan to Germany

The main products imported from Pakistan are:

  • agricultural products: dates, citrus fruits, cane sugar, basmati rice, mango
  • sports goods, especially footballs, famous in the world for their durability
  • leather products, especially clothing
  • medical instruments (Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of surgical instruments in the world) 
  • textiles: clothing accessories, bedding, towels, carpets
  • cotton yarn
  • chemical products and plastics: polyethers, polyesters, polycarbonate
  • musical instruments.

Shipping from Pakistan to Germany by sea

Sea transport is perfect for large-scale shipments or unitized cargo. Therefore, it is worth considering containerized or non-containerized shipping. For containerized shipping, we distinguish:

  • the FCL mode (Full Container Load), where products are shipped in bulk
  • the LCL mode (Less than Container Load), where one container is booked by several shippers.

How long is the shipping time from Pakistan to Germany?

Containerized goods usually arrive at their destination after about a month. Depending on the weather or quality control, the time may change, but the fact remains that sea transport is generally the most economical means of long-distance transport.

Main Pakistani ports

  • Karachi (seaport)
  • Keti Bandar (seaport)
  • Gwadar (container terminal)
  • Qasim Port (container terminal)
Seaports in Pakistan

Main German ports

  • Hamburg
  • Bremen
  • Bremerhaven
Seaports in Germany

Shipping from Pakistan to Germany by air

Air transport is faster than sea transport. It is useful for shipments with a short expiry date, such as fruit or pharmaceuticals. Although it is limited in space, it is safer and faster than other types of shipping. When choosing air transport, remember that it is also more expensive.

How much does it take to ship from Pakistan to Germany by air?

Several factors may affect the length of shipment delivery, such as adverse weather or customs clearance process. However, it should not take longer than a week.

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Top airports in Pakistan

  • Jinnah International Airport (KHI)
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE)
  • Islamabad International Airport (ISB)
Airports in Pakistan

The most important airports in Germany

  • Berliner Flughäfen
  • Flughafen Dresden
  • Frankfurt Airport
  • Cologne and Bonn Airport
  • München – Munich Airport International
  • Hannover Airport
Airports in Germany

How much does it cost to ship from Pakistan to Germany?

Prices may vary greatly depending on the means of transport we choose. Deciding which means of transportation to choose can be difficult. makes it much easier and faster. After requesting a free quote, you can check out different freight forwarders’ offers, compare them, and choose the best one.

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