Shipping from Pakistan to the US

The United States is among Pakistan’s largest trading partners. In 2022, the US imported over $6 billion worth of Pakistani goods, far more than any other country. The US has also been the main investor in Pakistan for the last 20 years. Most of the FDIs are directed at energy, agriculture, consumer durables, chemicals, transportation, and communications sectors. Regarding shipping from Pakistan to the US, you can choose either sea freight or air freight. In this article, we will present both methods in detail, as well as their pros and cons.

Importing into the US and differences

Pakistan’s top imports to the US

  • house linens,
  • sweaters (for example, knit or crocheted),
  • other cloth articles,
  • cotton,
  • articles of leather,
  • optical, photo, technical, and medical apparatus.

In the agricultural category, the US’s largest imports from Pakistan are rice, sugars, sweeteners, and spices. Food snacks, processed fruit, and processed vegetables are also imported.

Sourcing from Pakistan

To avoid any troubles in the process of importing goods from one country to another, it is always highly recommended to research all aspects of the business beforehand. A crucial step is to learn all the procedures and requirements first. While sourcing goods from a supplier in a foreign country whose culture is completely different from yours, learn about the differences for the best outcome.

Shipping from Pakistan to the US

Sea freight from Pakistan to the US

Sea freight is a transportation service at an economical price point, which is why it is so popular. Another advantage of sea transportation is its capacity. You can ship Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL). However, this method is about 11 times slower than transporting goods by airplane.

How much does it take to ship from Pakistan to the US by sea?

It takes around 44 days to transfer goods from Pakistan to the US by sea.

Major cargo seaports in Pakistan

  • Port of Karachi is one of South Asia’s largest seaports, handling most of Pakistan’s cargo.
  • Port Qasim is the second largest seaport in Pakistan regarding the volume of cargo handled.
  • Lahore Dry Port is the first dry port in Pakistan.
Seaports in Pakistan

Major cargo seaports in America

  • Port of Los Angeles is the busiest and largest American cargo port, with a TEU capacity of 9 million.
  • Port of Long Beach is the second busiest seaport in the US. The TEU capacity is 7.8 million.
  • Port of New Jersey and New York is a major in the east. The TEU capacity is 7.4 million.
  • Port of Savannah is located in the state of Georgia. It has a TEU capacity of 4.6 million.
Seaports in the US

Air freight from Pakistan to the US

There is no faster method to ship commodities than air shipping. If you want to transport perishable products, it is always recommended to choose this method, as well as when importing high-value products. It is a lot more expensive than sea transportation, but it can also guarantee that your products will arrive fresh and in good condition.

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How long does shipping by air from Pakistan to the US take?

2-4 days is the time it takes to transport goods from Pakistan to the US by cargo aircraft.

Major cargo airports in Pakistan

  • Jinnah International Airport is Pakistan’s busiest airport. Formerly known as Drigh Road Airport or Karachi Civil Airport. It is located in Karachi.
  • Islamabad International Airport, located in Islamabad, is the largest cargo airport in Pakistan.
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport, located in Lahore, is the third largest airport in Pakistan.
Airports in Pakistan

Major cargo airports in the US

  • Memphis International Airport is the busiest cargo airport in North America and the second largest in the world.
  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is considered North America and Asia’s main air transport center.
  • Louisville International Airport is the third-largest cargo airport in North America.
  • Miami International Airport serves as a pharmaceutical cargo center.
  • Los Angeles International Airport is the world’s fourth busiest cargo airport.
Airports in the US

Shipping from Pakistan to the US – to sum up

When shipping goods from Pakistan to the US, you can choose sea or air freight. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Sea freight is less expensive but slower. However, its capacity allows you to transport a lot of cargo. Air freight is better when transporting certain types of products. For example, if you want to transport food, 45 days is too long, so choosing air transportation is better because it only takes 2-4 days. It all depends on the products you want to transport.

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