Shipping from Shenzhen to New York

Shenzhen is one of the biggest export areas in China. In 2021, its export value reached $302 billion. Shenzhen exports mainly mechanical and electrical products. Thus, the city is ranked first in all of China in exports of such goods. New York is one of the main importers from China. Today, we will talk about shipping from Shenzhen to New York.

Shipping from Shenzhen to New York

Shipping from Shenzhen to New York – ocean freight

Ocean freight is known to be the cheapest option for shipping goods. The downside of ocean freight is the long delivery time and safety issues. On the other side, when choosing ocean freight, you do not have to worry about the limited quantity of the product you want to ship because you can put the goods into multiple containers. You have to keep in mind that shipping goods by ocean freight can take some time.

How long does ocean shipping from Shenzhen to New York take?

Port-to-port transit time from Shenzhen to New York is typically 20 days.

Main cargo ports in Shenzhen:

  • Yantian Port
  • Nanshan Port
  • Dachan Bay Port
Seaports in Shenzhen

Main cargo port in New York: port of New York and New Jersey

Sea port in New Tork

Shipping from Shenzhen to New York – airfreight

The other shipping method is airfreight. If the shipment is urgent, it is usually chosen over ocean freight since it takes much less time. Airfreight is the best option for shipping goods with a high added value and perishable goods. Despite this, airfreight is certainly the most expensive way to ship products. In addition to costs, you must also keep in mind the space limitations in a cargo plane.

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How long does air freight from Shenzhen to New York take?

The estimated shipping time by air from Shenzhen to New York is short, but the processing time is up to two weeks.

Main airport in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

Airport in Shenzhen

Main airport in New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airport in New York

How much does it cost to ship from Shenzhen to New York? is a great place to start when you want to ship goods. It is a platform where you can get in touch with trustworthy forwarders and get the best quotations. Fill out the forms like in the examples below.

Shipping from Shenzhen to New York – to sum up

When deciding on the shipment methods, there are a few things you have to consider, like transit time and financial aspects. If safety is your utmost concern, you should choose airfreight. However, if the time is not important and you want to save money on the shipping process, stick to ocean freight. No matter which option you decide on, you can get quotes for your shipment on ShipHub.

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