Shipping from Singapore to the Netherlands

In terms of trade, Singapore has a lot of international importance as a leading economy in Southeast Asia, especially in the financial and industrial sectors. In 2022 European Union was Singapore’s 5th biggest trade partner, with a value of trade exchange exceeding 113 billion dollars. Singapore exports mostly products from the chemical and allied industries, machinery, and appliances while importing mostly machinery and appliances from the EU. Regarding both export and import with Singapore, the Netherlands is one of the leading countries within the EU. If you want to start shipping from Singapore to the Netherlands, you should check your options beforehand.

Ways of shipping from Singapore to the Netherlands

Sea shipping from Singapore to the Netherlands

Sea freight is the cheaper transportation option. However, it is only preferable if time is not the most critical factor for you, as it is a more time-consuming method. Transportation by sea between Singapore and the Netherlands may take between 18 to 23 days. Besides, there is also a matter of further transporting products within the country to the final destination. That may take even more time, as well as generate further costs. Nevertheless, it is also generally more reliable as it is not as dependent on weather conditions as airfreight.

The Port of Singapore

The Port of Singapore is the world’s busiest seaport by shipping tonnage, with 37 million TEUs handled in 2022. It is an especially important transshipment hub connected to 600 ports in the world. The Port of Singapore operates 55 berths at Tanjong Pager, Keppel, Brani, and Pasir Panjang. However, there is a plan that by 2040s, all container terminals will be consolidated into one location in Tuas. The Tuas Port will be the largest automated container terminal in the world, able to handle 65 million TEU annually.

Top seaports in Singapore

Major seaports in the Netherlands

  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Groningen Seaports
  • Zeeland Seaports
Top seaports in the Netherlands

Air freight from Singapore to the Netherlands

Air freight is a quicker transportation option—goods can be delivered from Singapore to the Netherlands within 1 – 3 days. It is also more convenient, as airports do not have to be located on the seaside, so transportation to the final destination may be easier. However, it is also a more expensive option. Air freight is usually used for high-value goods and when time plays an important role.

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Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. It is one of the world’s busiest airports both in terms of cargo handled and passenger traffic – with over 32 million passengers registered in 2022. Changi Airport is well-connected internationally – more than 100 airlines fly from here to over 400 cities. Changi is also titled “World’s Best Airport.”

Top airport in the Singapore

Major airports in the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Top airports in the Netherlands

Singapore–Netherlands trade agreement

On 21st November 2019, the EU–Singapore Free Trade Agreement entered into force. According to the agreement, nearly all the tariffs for imported products will be eliminated within the first five years. However, as not all tariffs are being reduced at once, you should look up if tariff elimination has already been applied for the product you want to import from Singapore.

Moreover, in 1972, the Netherlands and Singapore signed the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement, so companies that carry sea or air transportation are only taxable in their country of residency.

How much does it cost to ship from Singapore to the Netherlands?

The shipping costs depend on the transportation method as well as what goods are imported and in what amount. Before importing, you should check what kind of expenses you should be prepared for. You can do it for free on Fill out the form following the example below:

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