Shipping from South Korea to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of South Korea’s biggest European trading partners. Thanks to the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between South Korea and the European Union, trade between South Korea and the Netherlands is free from almost all (98%) customs duties. Moreover, the export process is simplified, and IP rights are protected, which makes the trade between South Korea and the Netherlands profitable and safe. This article discusses shipping from South Korea to the Netherlands, presenting ways of shipping, benefits, and disadvantages.

Importing from South Korea to the Netherlands

South Korea is the 9th largest export exporter of goods. South Korea’s top exports to the Netherlands are:

  • Cars
  • Refined Petroleum
  • Ferroalloys
  • Blank Audio Media
  • Machinery Having Individual Functions
  • Vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins, and cultures

For comparison, top exports from the Netherlands to South Korea are:

  • Photo Lab Equipment
  • Machinery Having Individual Functions
  • Pig Meat
  • Refined Petroleum
  • Whey and other milk products
  • Packaged Medicaments

Shipping from South Korea to the Netherlands

The FTA makes trade with South Korea free of almost all customs duties. It also significantly simplified the paperwork, customs procedures, and product testing requirements. Therefore, shipping from South Korea is very beneficial.

When shipping to the Netherlands, it is important to remember the laws and policies in place. Placing goods in the Netherlands means paying various fees and VAT. Also, it is crucial to check the documentation required for imported goods; for example, food is under specific regulations and requirements that they must meet.

Sea freight from South Korea to the Netherlands

Sea freight is known for taking more time than air freight. However, it is often cheaper when shipping large amounts or over-gauge cargo.

If you go for sea shipping, it is essential to choose whether you prefer FCL (Full Container Load), when your cargo will take up the whole space of a container, or LCL (Less Container Load), meaning that your goods will not take up the entire container and will be transported with other items. FCL is usually faster than LCL. See the FCL/LCL differences here.

How much does it take to ship from South Korea to the Netherlands?

Shipping by sea freight from South Korea to the EU usually takes around 30 to 50 days.

Major cargo seaports in South Korea

  • Port of Busan
  • Port of Incheon
  • Port of Donghae
  • Port of Masan
  • Port of Gunsan
Sea ports in South Korea

Major cargo seaports in the Netherlands

  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Port of Moerdijk
  • Port of Scheveningen
  • Port of Vlaardingen
Sea ports in the Netherlands

Air freight from South Korea to the Netherlands

Air freight is usually more expensive but much faster than sea freight. Air shipping is profitable when it comes to shipping small but of high value or perishable goods (fresh flowers, food).

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Major cargo airports in South Korea

  • Incheon International Airport
  • Gimhae International Airport
  • Jeju International Airport
  • Gimpo International Airport
Airports in South Korea

Major cargo airports in the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Airports in the Netherlands

How much does it cost to ship from South Korea to the Netherlands?

When choosing the shipping method, take into account the benefits and disadvantages of sea freight and air freight. One of the most deciding factors is the price, but a trustworthy, reliable freight forwarder is even more important than the overall cost. is a perfect place to find many offers, compare prices, and find the right freight forwarder. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the form, as shown below. Get the quotes for your shipment for free!

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