Shipping from the Netherlands to the US

The Netherlands and the US are similar in some aspects. Both have the biggest cargo seaports in their respective continents, the Port of Rotterdam in Europe and the Port of Los Angeles in North America. The Netherlands is the 7th biggest exporter in the world, and the USA is the 2nd. The US is the Netherlands’ fifth biggest importer. These facts make them very important in the international trade area. This article discusses shipping from the Netherlands to the US.

Shipping from the Netherlands to the US

Goods imported from the Netherlands to the US are mainly:

  • chemicals
  • plastics
  • rubber and leather products
  • machinery
  • mechanical appliances.

The similarities between those two countries did not come out of nowhere. They both have access to the sea. They have excellent, developed infrastructure. This offers multiple possibilities for further cargo transport. To do this, importers and exporters can choose between sea freight or air freight.

Shipping from the Netherlands to the US – sea freight

It is said that almost 90% of worldwide cargo is forwarded by sea freight. This is because the transport cost is the lowest compared to other means. On the other hand, the transit time is much longer than in air freight.

The biggest seaports in the Netherlands

As we said, the Netherlands is home to the biggest cargo seaport in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam, but the Netherlands has other significant cargo seaports. One is the Port of Amsterdam, which handles 74,800,000 tons of cargo annually.

The third important port is the Port of Moerdijk, which is responsible mainly for oil and chemical products. It handles 14,000,000 tons of cargo every year.

Seaports in the Netherlands

The biggest seaports in the US

The two biggest seaports in the USA are located next to each other. The Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are situated on the western coast of the United States. Due to their location, they are considered gateways for trade with Asia. Almost 20 million TEUs are handled there annually.

The third-biggest seaport in the US is situated across the country: the Port of New Jersey and New York. The biggest port on the eastern coast is a gateway for trade with Europe. There are six container terminals, and the port handles more than 9 million TEUs annually.

Seaports in the USA

Shipping from the Netherlands to the US – air freight

Air freight is the most expensive but fastest means of transporting cargo. It is the best method of transporting precious and perishable goods.

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Top cargo airports in the Netherlands

The Netherlands also plays a significant role in air freight. It is home to Europe’s third-biggest cargo airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which handles 2.5 million tons of cargo annually. The second-largest cargo airport in the Netherlands is Rotterdam Hague Airport, which is a hub for many cargo airlines, such as KLM Cargo and FedEx.

Airports in the Netherlands

Top cargo airports in the United States

The last statistics show that Memphis International Airport is the biggest cargo airport in the USA. Over 4 million tons of cargo are handled there year by year.

A surprise to some may be the fact that the second-largest cargo airport is located in Alaska. Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport has the ideal location to handle cargo from Asia and domestic shipments.

Airports in the USA

Documents needed when sourcing from the Netherlands to the US

We recommend preparing relevant documents in advance to avoid stressful situations when importing goods to the US from the Netherlands.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Certificate of origin
  • Other permits and documents

How much does shipping from the Netherlands to the US cost?

Exporters and importers who want to ship their products to the United States have two main options. Air freight from the Netherlands to the US takes less time than sea freight, but it is much more expensive.

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