Shipping to Amazon FBA

Selling products on the Amazon platform turns out to be very interesting. Shipping to Amazon FBA in the US can be complicated due to site applies strict guidelines. It is worth familiarizing with the rules regarding preparation, packaging, labeling, and delivery. In the following article, we will present how the shipping process looks and provide answers to the question of why it is worth using the services of the forwarder.

First steps

Non-US sellers can ship products purchased on Amazon USA from their warehouse in the US or by using the Amazon Distribution Center, which offers Amazon FBA shipping service. 

All beginners are recommended to set up an Amazon seller account. Persons ready to display their products should choose the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) option. Choosing this option guarantees that Amazon will store, package, prepare, and send the product to the buyer. Amazon will also manage customer service and returns. 

However, the seller is obliged to control the inventory and replenish it when necessary.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Choosing the FBA option, it is recommended to proceed as follows:

  • Firstly, create a shipping plan in a merchant account,
  • The next step is choosing the right forwarder who will take care of the delivery process to a specific FBA Center. The freight forwarder should know Amazon’s requirements for shipping goods,
  • The next step is the delivery of products to the designated FBA warehouse in the USA.

Shipping plan

When creating a shipping plan, specify the products that you plan to send to Amazon warehouses. Then specify whether to sell “individual products” or “jointly packaged products.”  

The “individual items” option should be selected when sending packages containing one or more products of varying quantities and conditions.

The “case-packed products” option should be selected when decide to ship products that have the same SKU (unique product identifier). In this case, each shipment contains the same number of products.

Then follow these steps: 

  • Choose the quantity for each product,
  • Prepare the product following the guidelines depending on the product.
  • Print labels,
  • Check and confirm your shipment to Amazon FBA in the USA,
  • Choose a shipping method,
  • Summarize the shipping process. Later, you will be able to monitor shipment sent to Amazon FBA in the USA.

Labeling and preparation of products

Check that the shipment plan matches the goods you intend to ship. Then you can confirm your delivery.

Another important issue is also the labeling and preparation of products. This process can be complicated, so we encourage you to prepare.

Shipping products to Amazon FBA

We can use various options to send products to Amazon magazines. Here are three ways:

  1. Shipment of goods to the Amazon Order Processing Center with a forwarding company,
  2. Shipment of goods already directly to Amazon warehouses by the supplier,
  3. Transport through the Amazon partner shipping company, with the help of the “Partnered Carrier” program. However, the option is available only for small shipments.

The significant role of the forwarder

Transporting goods to Amazon can be time-consuming. It is worth finding a suitable forwarding company that has experience in this type of shipment. We encourage you to use our ShipHub platform, which will save you time and allow you to choose the right shipping company quickly.

The forwarder will coordinate each stage of shipment. Choosing the right freight forwarder will be the best solution for all who do not have experience in the field of freight forwarding.

The best choice is to choose forwarding companies that know how to ship to FBA.

Shipping to Amazon FBA in the USA – forwarder tasks

The freight forwarder warehouses should primarily:

  • Check the goods for damage,
  • Make sure and check that the goods are packaged by Amazon’s requirements,
  • Mark the goods following the labeling rules,
  • Pack the goods properly on pallets,
  • Arrange a delivery date,
  • Transport goods to the appropriate Amazon order processing center,

Using the services of a forwarding company will meet the shipping standards set by Amazon. What’s more, it will reduce the risk of Amazon FBA rejecting the shipment.

Receiving the shipment

When Amazon receives the goods, they will be assigned to the FBA Center. Products should be available for sale within three business days.

The Amazon merchant account allows you to monitor and track the shipment.

Should I use the services of the forwarder?

Many new sellers think that shipping goods to Amazon FBA in the US can be very overwhelming.

This complicated process requires a lot of experience, which is why it is worth using the help of an appropriate forwarding company. ShipHub allows for finding a forwarder with a short period of time.

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