Transport logistic China 2024

Transport logistic China is the biggest trade fair for logistics, mobility, and IT in Asia, attracting the most important decision-makers from all over the world. Apart from an extremely wide variety of products and exhibitors, this trade fair is known for its elaborate conference program, where everyone is welcome. The transport logistic China 2024 edition will take place in June in Shanghai.

Where and when will transport logistic China 2024 be held?

Transport logistic China 2024 will be held June 25-27 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The ticket price is RMB30 per person for a three-day ticket. The online pre-registration opens in January 2024.

transport logistic China 2024

What does transport logistic China have to offer?

Transport logistic China offers a wide range of products related to topics such as telematics, logistics, E-commerce, warehouses, and freight transport (road and rail vehicles, air cargo, transport control, security systems, traffic management, transport refrigeration, maintenance, and accessories).

Another highlight of transport logistic China is its remarkable conference program, which anyone can attend. Currently, only a preview of the program is available, covering the following subjects:

  • merging production and SCM
  • transshipment
  • China’s role in the World economy
  • smart chemical industry
  • Silk Road
  • port shipping.

Previous years’ statistics

Transport logistic China is a very well-known event. In 2018, the event attracted 667 exhibitors and over 26,300 visitors from 67 countries around the globe in Shanghai. In 2022, in Xiamen, despite challenging circumstances caused by the pandemic, it gathered over 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors.

Reasons to attend transport logistic China 2024

Trade fairs are an incredible opportunity to verify both the exhibitors and their products, which is extremely important, considering that seeing products in person gives us a much better understanding of their actual quality. In addition, attending trade fairs is the best way to make new connections with many exhibitors and compare their prices. Trade fairs are also a great opportunity to negotiate, estimate the costs of future orders, and, more importantly, make successful deals on-site. Such a wide variety of products presented at trade fairs may also be an inspiration for future projects.

transport logistic China 2024 fairground

How to prepare for a trade fair visit?

Business culture is well-respected in China, so there are a few important things to know before visiting a trade fair. Preparing business cards in advance is essential to building business relationships. Business cards should be in two languages, written in English on one side and Chinese on the other. There are also specific rules for exchanging business cards. First of all, when exchanging them, one should always use both hands. It is strongly recommended to read their contents before putting them away, either in a wallet or a special card holder. Under no circumstances should you put them away in your pants pocket or fold them, as it would be considered extremely inappropriate.

To maintain good relationships with Chinese contractors, it is recommended to download the WeChat app on your mobile phone. WeChat is China’s most popular social media platform; hence, it has almost replaced email communication for business correspondence in China. Keep in mind that downloading WeChat will enable your correspondence with Chinese contractors to be more effective.

It is also recommended to check the full list of exhibitors and products beforehand, as trade fairs are usually big events divided into areas. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, you should always plan your visit according to the map of the event.


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