Transport logistic Southeast Asia 2023

The transport logistic fair is the most significant trade show concerning the transportation and logistics sector in the world. It takes place on average every two years in different locations, attracting many entrepreneurs, investors, and representatives of the companies. Responsible for the organization is Messe München, one of the world’s most prominent fair organizers. The newest edition to the series of fairs, transport logistic Southeast Asia 2023, will take place in Singapore on the 1st-3rd of November. It will attract the most influential players in the transportation and logistics market.

Transport logistic Southeast Asia 2023 fairs

One of the objectives of the fair is to strengthen the trade relations between Asia and Europe, hence the location. For years, Singapore has not only been a great trade connection with the rest of the countries of Asia but also has the highest score in the ranking of LPI, which concerns the quality of logistic service, competence, and infrastructure of the category. Besides that, it has a tremendous geopolitical position. The CEOs of Messe München, Stefan Rummel and dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, while commenting on choosing the place of the event, points out the strategic placement of Singapore and emphasizes its leadership when it comes to logistics.

This year’s edition has crucial importance, especially for European countries wanting to strengthen the bonds with countries of Asia. This year’s edition is supposed to have more than 107 000 m2 of space. It’s estimated that the number of exhibitors at Southeast Asia 2023 fairs will be 500 and the number of visitors 5000. While attracting the most prominent players in the logistics and transport market, the fairs are an excellent opportunity to make new contacts or strengthen existing relations.

The event from the transport logistic series, in the last edition, already touched the important topics, such as artificial intelligence, digitalization, lack of talent, and understaffed trucks. This year, we can also expect the fairs to raise topics being already a hot subject of discussion. The current situation in the market is unstable and changeable, so it’s vital to keep up with recent modernizations and look for solutions to various problems. The transport logistic Southeast Asia fairs are making an excellent opportunity to do so.

When and where transport logistic Southeast Asia fairs are happening?

transport logistic southeast asia 2023 singapore

The venue is Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore. The trade fair is held on the 1st – 3rd of November. Scheduled hours are:

  • 1st -2nd of November (Wednesday – Thursday) from 9 am till 6 pm
  • 3rd of November (Friday) from 10 am till 5 pm

What do transport logistics Southeast Asia 2023 fairs offer?

The trade fair’s program is filled with professional conferences, where industry experts will speak, sharing current trends on the market and giving sight on subjects that will have a crucial role in the future. The insight will help to find solutions to modern problems. The target of the fairs is also to present innovative methods and solutions.

The trade show gives opportunities to connect during the three days, whether during the meetings or breaks. Personal relationships play a crucial role in business for Asian business partners. Based on the relationship, they often decide whether to make the deal.

Besides that, the trade fair arranges 1:1 meetings between global service providers and top buyers. Since the travel restrictions were lifted, the transport logistic Southeast Asia fairs offer an excellent opportunity to make new contacts.

How to register for transport logistic Southeast Asia 2023 fairs?

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