What do the forwarders do?

The forwarder is a very important character who can facilitate cooperation with the Chinese. Who exactly is the forwarder, what does he do, and what are his duties? We will try to answer all these questions in this article. Before we start importing goods from China, it is worth finding out who the forwarder is and what he can help us with. So what do the forwarders do?

Who are the forwarders?

The forwarder is the person responsible for transport organizations commissioned by clients. We do not have to deal with transport in person. All you need to do is find the right forwarding company. A freight forwarder accepts an order from a customer, prepares an offer and then negotiates the conditions of carriage. Also, it is a person who deals with the formal side, namely prepares the necessary documentation, performs settlements with customers. What is more, forwarder deals with external units and internal departments involved in the implementation of transport. We can meet both national and international forwarders.

What does the forwarder’s job look like?

Usually, the forwarder deals with the entire transport process. He must think carefully about what the whole carriage of goods should look like. The national forwarder deals with the organization of transport within the country, while the international forwarder is responsible for the carriage of goods outside the country while cooperating with contractors from abroad.

What he also does?

The forwarder keeps in touch with strategic customers, organizes the transport of products and services from place to place so that it goes smoothly, quickly and cheaply for the person ordering. The forwarder’s scope of activities includes not only transport services but also services related to procurement and distribution. The range of duties is specified in detail in the contract concluded between the shipper and the customer.

Forwarder’s duties

In addition to organizing the entire transport process, the freight forwarder also has the responsibility to complete any customs forms when it comes to the import and export of goods. He also is responsible for ordering the loading and unloading of transported products. Although the forwarders work at strictly defined times, they must be available on the phone seven days a week, because the transport is still carried out despite the forwarder’s working hours. In the case of unwanted problems appearing, it must be possible to contact the responsible person.

More information:

The primary duties of the freight forwarder include, above all:

  • forwarding consultancy and advice on
  • preparation of cargo transport
  • preparation and collection of necessary documents
  • Concluding transport contracts with companies providing transport services.
  • matching the right means of transportation
  • monitoring of loading, transport, and handling
  • cargo insurance

The freight forwarder is responsible for all activities related to the transport of goods. Also, employees of forwarding companies also offer customs clearance of cargo, storage of goods. Furthermore, they offer payment for shipments, quality control of goods, as well as a sale of shipments or assignment of shipment rights.


To take up a job as a freight forwarder, you should complete a degree in logistics and transport. A forwarder is usually a person who has experience in logistics and transportation. The person in this position has an in-depth knowledge of legal provisions regarding this type of activity and so-called costly awareness. It is a person with the ability to think analytically.

How to order a forwarder’s services?

Currently, there are many forwarding companies on the market, so the choice is vast. Forwarding services are a good solution when we are importing or exporting goods. On the Internet, we can find a lot of offers from forwarding companies. All you need to do is call or write and make an appointment with your forwarder to organize further cooperation.

Forwarders are very important people who can help us work when we decide to import goods from China. It is worth considering cooperation with a forwarding company and employment of a forwarder.

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