What is the ATA Carnet?

International trade is flourishing. More and more entrepreneurs want to start trading with other countries. Because of that, we are going to trade fairs around the world, wanting to present our products. The products that we want to show at the stand must go through customs clearance, and for this, we also need proper documents that we will use for this procedure. One of such documents is the ATA Carnet, which we will describe below.

ATA Carnet

The ATA carnet is an international customs document that allows and facilitates customs clearance of goods temporarily exported, eg, for exhibition or acquisition purposes, as well as professional equipment. Having this document also eliminates the entire customs procedure related to temporary admission. The user of the ticket does not have to fill in the SAD document, customs declarations or deposit on the exceeded limits.

Where can I get such a document?

The Customs Cooperation Council has developed the model document and the method of its use. The right to issue such a document has the trade organizations affiliated to the International Chamber of Commerce of countries that have acceded to the Convention.

Currently, there are 77 countries associated with the ATA guarantee chain, including China.

ATA carnet – what kind of goods can be transported?

The Convention provides for several categories of goods that can be transported for various purposes.

  • Samples and commercial designs: exported for acquisition, market recognition, demonstration of the product by entering into a commercial contract.
  • Goods intended for fairs and exhibitions: exhibits, stand housings, stand decor, etc.
  • Professional equipment: film and TV equipment, theater requisites, musical instruments, sports equipment, research equipment, etc.

The validity of the document

The ATA carnet is issued for 12 months, and it is not possible to extend it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to respect the date of re-export, which is set by the appropriate customs office. Exceeding the deadline involves payment of customs duties.

ATA carnet – issue and use

The right to acquire the ATA carnet is provided by natural persons, legal persons, by submitting a set of copies of the required documents, certified by a notary public for conformity with the original (REGON, an entry in the register on economic activity, NIP) and additional cash collateral.

ATA carnet in China

It should be remembered that based on the ATA Carnet to China, you can only bring goods from categories intended for fairs and exhibitions. The Chinese customs authorities do not clear the other categories. The carnet must be completed in Chinese or English. It is necessary to precisely list and describe the goods that we want to transport. The customs authorities, having doubts, may not agree to transport.

Customs authorities may also set an appropriate date for the departure of goods from China. An application for an extension of their stay may be submitted at the latest 30 days before the date ordered.

It is worth getting acquainted with this document when planning trips to the trade fair in China. This may be helpful during our trip.

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