Air freight and further development prospects

Choosing the right method of transport may seem troublesome. Air freight is certainly the fastest way to ship goods, but when compared to other methods, its prices seem to be high. This option is recommended, especially for people who want to transport goods that require a short delivery time. Airfreight provides a loading usually within 4-7 days.

Air freight

2017 was the time of records for air freight. That year the vast majority of importers and exporters decided to use this method of transport. The cargo volume handled in global ports was 119 million tons (8% more compared to 2016).

The highest freight transport was recorded primarily by African and Asian markets.

The year 2018 also proved to be very favorable for air transport, but not as good as the previous year.

Air freight – further perspectives

Air transport is a very difficult and competitive business. However, it has prospects for further development. Forecasts for the coming years seem somewhat optimistic, due to the development of electronics trade, as well as interest in transporting goods, which are sensitive to delivery time or temperature at which they can be transported (e.g., pharmacists).

Customs requirements in China

Last year, China’s new customs requirements – which are effective from June 1, 2018 – have caused agitation.

The regulations contain, among others, mandatory information that must be included in the consignment note for transport shipments to ports in China. What is more, documents must consist of information such as the full sender’s details, contact person, ID number, telephone, etc.

The same applies to the recipient’s data, where the registration number of companies in China (the so-called USCI – Unified Social Credit Code) must also be provided.

Also, a whole list of prohibited and allowed names has been created, which is why it is recommended to describe your shipment accurately. Any errors can lead to suspension of shipment, the imposition of a fine by the Customs Office, and charging of storage costs at the airport.

Interesting facts

Air cargo is responsible for only 1% of global transport. However, the value of the goods carried on board represents over 30% of the global value of the products transported.

Air freight

Despite its high price, air freight is certainly a good way of transporting goods. It is the fastest means of transport, so it is strongly recommended to people who transport goods with a short expiration date or products of very high value, e.g., fruit or jewelry.

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