Out of Gauge cargo

Even though the container revolution, which depended on standardization of container dimension, began a new era in the world of global logistics, it did not solve all the problems faced by shippers. There are situations in which cargo is so big and bulky that it is not easy to fit it into a standardized container. In the following article, you will learn about OOG cargo. Find out more about Gauge cargo.

What is OOG Cargo?

Ouf of Gauge (OOG) cargo means loads that cannot be shipped in a standard six wall transport container. This term loosely classifies all kinds of freight, which dimensions exceed maximum dimensions of a 40’ HC container. It means that the length of cargo exceeds 12.05m, its width 2.33m, and its height 2.59m.

Gauge cargo – Things to keep in mind when transporting OOG cargo

Oversized cargo, along with its unique requirements, can pose a significant challenge for a freight forwarder. Before proceeding with the transport of such loading, a thorough analysis of all shipping aspects needs to be conducted to carry out this operation safely and effectively.

In the case of transportation of OOG loads, an in-depth analysis of all possibilities and meticulous planning of the whole endeavor is fundamental. One key element is providing one’s freight forwarder with specified information on the cargo. Besides the standard information, a critical role is also played by a professional technical drawing of shipment created by an engineer. It is needed for planning strategy of transport, lifting, and securing the load. Another important aspect of planning is the control of loading and unloading venues. It needs to be checked in advance, whether they possess all necessary objects and facilities e.g., proper cranes.

A solution for a non-standard transport

One of the solutions for transporting OOG loads is using Open Top containers. These kinds of boxes have a mobile roof, which can be removed, and the container can be covered with a tilt instead. Cargo can also be easily secured by installing lashing bars or tie-down straps.

Gauge cargo – Extra costs linked to OOG cargo transport

Logistics companies can require the client to pay extra for the necessity of creating holes in a given container. Cargo sticking out from a box limits the number of containers loaded on a ship or a different means of transport. It also poses a risk of destroying a container or other loads. For this reason, when choosing OOG cargo, one needs to be prepared for extra costs.

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