Shipping from Bangladesh to Canada

Canada is one of the major players in the international market. Key trading partners include countries such as the USA, China, and Mexico. In turn, the main trading partners of Bangladesh include the USA, China, India, and Germany. Canada’s trade relations with Bangladesh have grown significantly over the last few years. This article discusses the ways of shipping from Bangladesh to Canada.

Bangladesh-Canada trade relations

Canada’s exports of goods to Bangladesh were USD 1.21 billion, of which most were agricultural commodities. Exports from Bangladesh to Canada were USD 2 billion. Also, the bilateral merchandise trade value has more than tripled since 2004. Since 2003, Bangladesh has had duty-free access to the Canadian market for most goods.

Top imports from Bangladesh to Canada

  • woven apparel
  • knitted apparel
  • miscellaneous textile articles
  • headgear and footwear

Top imports from Canada to Bangladesh

  • cereals
  • pulses
  • iron and steel
  • fertilizer
  • chemicals
  • aircraft and related equipment

Shipping goods from Bangladesh to Canada

Ocean freight from Bangladesh to Canada

Sea shipping is not the fastest possible transport option – the transit time is about 30 days. Moreover, it is not as safe as air transport. However, it has many advantages, such as the huge load capacity, versatility (shipping a wide range of products), and low price. Maritime transportation is perfect for shipping large quantities at lower costs, which for some is a priority instead of short transit time.

When choosing this method of transport, you have two options to choose from, FCL and LCL. FCL (Full Container Load) means booking a whole container. LCL (Less Container Load) is a term used when several shippers share the space of one container.

Summary of sea transport


  • low price of the service


  • long transit time
  • safety (higher accident rate compared to air transport)

Main cargo ports in Bangladesh

  • Dhaka – Sadarghat Port (river port)
  • Chittagong
  • Mongol
Major seaports in Bangladesh

Main cargo ports in Canada

  • Vancouver Port (the largest port in Canada)
  • Toronto Port
  • Montreal Port
  • Halifax Port
Major seaports in Canada

Air freight from Bangladesh to Canada

Air shipping is the fastest method of transport, suitable for goods that need to be delivered quickly to their destination. Transit time is much shorter than sea transportation, as it takes about a day. Goods that are most often shipped by a cargo aircraft are, for example, pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, as well as high-value goods, and fragile products. Its other advantage is that it is one of the safest forms of transport. At the same time, it is the most expensive type of transport.

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Summary of air transport


  • short transit time
  • safety (low accident rate)


  • high shipping rate

Main cargo airports in Bangladesh

  • Srihotto International Airport
  • Dhaka International Airport
  • Cox’s Bazar International Airport
Major airports in Bangladesh

Main cargo airports in Canada

  • Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
  • Ottawa International Airport
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
Major airports in Canada

How much does it cost to ship from Bangladesh to Canada?

Transportation costs vary depending on the selected route, cargo type, size, and quantity. Before choosing a freight forwarder, it is worth getting acquainted with several offers and comparing them. You can compare quotes at Fill out a short form, select the mode of transportation you are interested in, specify the destination, submit the form, and receive quotes from reliable forwarders!

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