Shipping from Bangladesh to Germany

Efficient shipping practices and a thorough understanding of the challenges are crucial for global trade. Shipping from Bangladesh to Germany shows the complexities and opportunities of this trade. Overcoming hurdles and embracing innovative solutions can help facilitate the exchange of goods, foster economic growth, and deepen international relationships.

Methods of shipping from Bangladesh to Germany

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Sea shipping from Bangladesh to Germany

When shipping from Bangladesh to Germany, there are two options available. The first is sea shipping, which is the most affordable choice. However, the shipment takes three to six weeks to arrive.

5 busiest ports in Bangladesh

  • Port of Chittagong
  • Port of Mongla
  • Port of Payra
  • Port of Dhaka
  • Port of Pangaon

The Chittagong port, situated at the mouth of the Karnaphuli River in Patenga, is the primary seaport in Bangladesh and serves as the central port for countries reliant on the Bay of Bengal.

seaports in bangladesh

5 busiest ports in Germany

  • Hamburg Port
  • Port of Bremen and Bremerhaven
  • Port of Wilhelmshaven
  • Port of Duisburg
  • Port of Rostock

Hamburg Port, also referred to as Germany’s “Gateway to the World,” is the busiest port in Germany. It covers an area of 7,250 hectares and handles 136.6 million tons of container tonnage, making it the 15th largest seaport globally.

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Air shipping from Bangladesh to Germany

When it comes to shipping, air transport is the quickest option available, with goods typically being delivered within 3-7 days. This is particularly important for perishable items like food that need to be transported quickly. However, it’s worth noting that air transport is also the most expensive form of transportation available, which is a significant disadvantage.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) is the largest cargo airport in Bangladesh. Now, it has a capacity of 200,000 tons per annum. However, once the ongoing renovation and expansion project is finished, the production capacity will increase to 500,000 tons.

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA) currently has the highest level of activity among all airports in Europe. In 2022, Frankfurt Airport transported approximately 2 million tons of cargo, further solidifying its position as a leading airport in the region.

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Cost of shipping from Bangladesh to Germany

If you want to know the total shipping cost from Bangladesh to Germany, all you have to do is complete the form available on the ShipHub website. Once you have filled out the form, similar to the example provided, our forwarders will provide you with a suitable offer.

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