Shipping from Japan to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of Japan’s most prominent trading partners, the 12th in the world and 2nd in Europe. In 2023, the Netherlands imported USD 9.33 billion from Japan. Today, we will look closely at shipping from Japan to the Netherlands.

Top imports from Japan to the Netherlands

  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Optical, photo, technical, and medical apparatus
  • Vehicles
  • Organic chemicals
  • Miscellaneous chemical products
  • Plastics
  • Pharmaceutical products

Import restrictions in the Netherlands

Countries outside of the European Economic Area require permission to be allowed to ship to the Netherlands. Some products are prohibited from shipping or require special permits or licenses. These include:

  • Weapons and firearms
  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Livestock, birds
  • Waste products
  • Tobacco products
  • Seeds
  • Explosives
  • Laser pointers and gadgets
  • Counterfeit coins and banknotes

Shipping from Japan to the Netherlands

Sea freight from Japan to the Netherlands

Sea freight is the least expensive mode of transportation and has the most extensive loading capacity. Therefore, if time isn’t essential, it is the most frequently used way of shipping goods of significant volume or weight. Both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) modes are available, and many Japanese companies offer LCL shipping from Japan’s major ports to Rotterdam and other European countries.

How long does it take to ship from Japan to the Netherlands by sea?

However, it is vital to plan sea shipping in advance. Regardless of the starting point, port-to-port transport from Japan to the Netherlands takes around 28 days, while the overall cargo preparation process may require even 40 to 50 days.

Major ports in Japan

  • Port of Tokyo
  • Port of Osaka
  • Port of Yokohama
  • Port of Nagoya
  • Port of Kobe
Seaports in Japan

Major ports in the Netherlands

  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Port of Moerdijk
  • Port of Scheveningen
  • Port of Den Halder
Seaports in the Netherlands

Air freight from Japan to the Netherlands

Air freight is the most suitable mode of transport for goods that require fast delivery, like food with short shelf life, fragile products, or high-value like jewelry since it is the safest shipping method. However, it comes at a price. Air freight costs are significantly higher than any other freight, so if there’s a possibility, exporters usually opt for sea transport.

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How long does air freight from Japan to the Netherlands take?

Air shipping from Japan to the Netherlands takes around 2-3 days in most cases, but the shortest flights between Narita International Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can take about 15h and depart 1-2 times a week.

Major airports in Japan

  • Narita International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Fukuoka Airport
  • Tokyo Haneda International Airport
  • Osaka International Airport
Airports in Japan

Major airports in the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport
  • Eelde Airport
Airports in the Netherlands

How much does it cost to ship from Japan to the Netherlands?

When calculating the price of shipping cargo from Japan to the Netherlands, it is crucial to consider some important factors such as the container type, quantity, and volume of the product, or location and mode of transport. By filling out a form on, you can choose a freight forwarder that suits your requirements the most. For reference, see the examples below:

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