Shipping from the United States to Spain 

The United States boasts the world’s largest economy, engaging in robust trade partnerships with European countries and Spain. The U.S. exports various products, including machinery, electronics, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural goods. What are the most popular ways of shipping from the United States to Spain?

Shipping from the United States to Spain – top products

Key products imported from the United States include:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Electronics: computers, telecommunications equipment
  • Vehicles: automobiles, aircraft, and parts
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Agricultural products: soybeans, corn, wine, and meat
  • Chemical products: plastics, fertilizers, and medicinal chemicals
  • Energy products: oil and gas
  • Aerospace and defense equipment
  • Fashion and textiles
  • Entertainment products: films, music, and software.

Shipping from the United States to Spain

Shipping from the United States to Spain by sea

Sea freight is a key channel of goods exchange, offering a reliable and efficient means of transporting large quantities of goods. The versatility of sea transport accommodates different shipment sizes, with Full Container Load (FCL) being suitable for mass exports and Less than Container Load (LCL) providing a cost-effective solution for smaller companies, enabling them to share container costs with other shippers.

How much does it take to ship from the US to Spain?

Shipping from the United States to Spain via sea typically takes around a month. This timeframe is subject to variables like weather conditions and quality control measures, highlighting the importance of strategic planning in the shipping process.

Major seaports in the US

  • Port of Los Angeles
  • Port of Long Beach
  • Port of New York and New Jersey
  • Port of Savannah
US seaports

Major seaports in Spain

  • Port of Barcelona
  • Port of Valencia
  •  Port of Algeciras
  •  Port of Bilbao
Seaports in Spain

Shipping from the US to Spain by air

While sea transport is the cornerstone of shipping between the United States and Spain, air transport emerges as a faster alternative suitable for time-sensitive shipments. Perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and high-value items benefit from the expeditious nature of air transport. Despite its short transit time, it’s essential to note that air shipping is generally more expensive than sea transport.

How long does shipping from the US to Spain by air take?

The duration of shipping from the United States to Spain by air is typically around a week without any unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather or delays in the customs clearance process. 

Major airports in the United States

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are key departure points for air shipments
US airports

Main airports in Spain

  • Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas Airport
  • Barcelona-El Prat Airport
  • Málaga Airport and Valencia Airport
Airports in Spain

How much does shipping from the US to Spain cost?

The costs associated with shipping from the United States to Spain can vary significantly based on the chosen mode of transport. Making an informed decision about the most budget-friendly means of transportation requires careful consideration of various factors. Shipping from the USA to Spain is very interesting and profitable. To make sure the shipment process is smooth, choose a reliable freight forwarder on Set up a free account today to get quotes!

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